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J. C. Leyendecker

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Mythical Creatures

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Anything from scifi to legends to crypto.
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AnnaSophia Robb

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/selena/ - the only one who ...

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... makes me cum with long fluid spurts, not small jelly like the others.
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I love you

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It doesn't matter if you are leftist, right wing, racist, alt right, nazi, liberal, black, white, murderer, thief, blasphemer against God, atheist, sinner, muslim, christian, feminist, woman, man, whore, cheater, pedophile, rich, poor, corrupt, etc.
In the end it is going to be alright for you. Obviously if you messed up, it's probably not a good idea because you are hurting other people around you by doing some big mistakes. If you kill someone for example, you will suffer remorse, a lot of people will suffer the loss, and it will create anxiety and agony in the surroundings of the incident. It is obvious that certain rules are set in place to discourage these mistakes people could potentially commit.
As Eternal Hell exists, it is only a feeling temporarily. You feel the Eternal Hell within a few minutes, maybe a couple of hours. It is a deep feeling which gives the impression of Eternity. But it is not going to be in actuality forever.
You will get out of it. You will be redeemed.
I love you, everything is going to be just about fine.
Perhaps Jesus will save you. But if not, you still are going to be fine, even if you are outside the circle of Jesus Salvation.
If Jesus isn't a real Saviour for everyone, the pieces will fall where they may and in the end, somehow somewhat, you are going to end up at the good place for you.
If a Supreme Entity is like an evil Mother, somehow, a good faerie will come and adopt you and save you.
The reason I say all of this is because it has to be like this. It must be like this. And never otherwise.
Good luck anons ,
I love you all
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So... This is 4chan's HR department..
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Jen Psaki
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Daisy Ridley Supremacy

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/glam/ UK Glamour Models

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Pinder's breasts have returned. She's also got a MCG shoot coming out next month.
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