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CELEB FAKES(don't forget your own rules mods)

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LAST THREAD!https://boards.4chan.org/hr/thread/4445587(most of this will probably be repost from that thread anyways(not like there isn't the same fucking taylor swift or some equally boring cunt threads every week)

Also here's the board rules in case any of you nigger mods wanna try and delete this one or move it to /b/ again

Post quality high-resolution 2D/3D artwork, scans, photography, and images of interest here.
Do not simply post images because they have large dimensions. If an image would be of interest to another board, please crosspost the image (resizing if necessary).
The high resolution board was created to provide a venue for extremely large images. It is not intended to be a random board.
Non-worksafe images are allowed, however content must be kept tasteful (no grossout images).