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Edicts of Equestria (Revision 25)

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Ready for the mods to pin it?

I'm going to bed. Goodnight you magnificent ponies.

Editable if needed for changes (.psd): https://ufile.io/31846
Get a copy now in case it's needed later.
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Humanized pone thread

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Bonus points for horse cock
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Job thread

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So what does /mlpol/ do for a living?

Chem engineer here.
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Hey guys. Glad to see everyone still hanging out nicely. What's new?
Also Twilight love thread.
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Fascist literally means a pile of faggots

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Daily reminder that left and right is a false paradigm and that economic liberals shouldnt ally with fascists just because they are also considered right wing.Fascists believe in corporatism and are equally collectivist and anti freedom as commies.

Wanting a strong leader to tell you what to do is a sign that your a weak beta faggot that likes worshipping other men and cant think for itself.
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I have a treat for you all, my entire redpill collection. I tried doing this on /plebbpol/ but it died every time. Prove to me you are the board we deserve.

Bump the thread with your best pones
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Everyone, get in here.
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/hhh/ Homo Horse Hangout

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Daddy edition- post only your gayest horses
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What's Your Pronoun, Anon?

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To the MLP crowd here, what is your prefered pronoun? Should we call you "Bronies"? What other names do you like to be called?
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