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Does 0-100km/h in 10 seconds "feel" fast? Is there a big difference to 8, 7, 5? I am poor and currently looking at some cars like E36 and 190E, but I am worried that even when I try to accelerate as fast as I can it will feel boring.
Pic unrelated, just a nice Supra from my city
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EV Endgame is here: VAG Invests $100 Million In Solid-State Battery

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>VAG and QuantumScape will launch a new joint venture for industrial level of production.
>The main goals are development of the solid-state batteries that could enable to offer better electric cars, and to establish a production line for solid-state batteries by 2025.
>From the timeframe – 7 years from now – we clearly see that the solid-state batteries at best could enter the game after the first batch of the next-generation electric Volkswagens, built on the MEB platform.
>the German manufacturer praises solid-state batteries for improved performance. The range of e-Golf could more than double from 300 km (186 miles) to 750 km (466 miles) under the NEDC cycle if the new batteries were applied.
>Volkswagen, Audi, and Porsche successfully tested QuantumScape early-stage solid-state battery sample cells in Germany running at automotive rates of power—an industry first.
They got solid-state battery works.
How will Teslakeks ever recover?
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Do you say "coop" or "coup-ay"?
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E90 vs E46?

Which would make a better D.D.?
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you have 72 hours to assemble a car or they'll cut off your nipples, can you do it?
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Why is there no light sports car category

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Motorcycles are legal, and have basically no safety equipment at all.
Why is it that once you have four wheels a vehicle has to be crazy heavy and expensive because of safety equipment?
Why won't lawmakers create a light sports car category for performance vehicles?
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/o/ there's a vibration in my car that's driving me insane.

I've got a 2016 wrx in which I can feel a vibration on the dead pedal while going over bumps at low speeds. So far I've gotten the strut mounts replaced and a tensioner spring replaced in the steering rack according to the TSBs currently out. I've jacked the car up and tried to see if any components are loose.

What's driving me mad is each time I've taken it in to a shop for work I couldn't do myself the vibration goes away for a couple of days then I'll hit a bump and it'll come back. Makes me think it might be something they take off and put back on that comes loose.

Any ideas of what it could be?
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