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/CCG/: Rusty Chevrolet Edition

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/CCG/ - Classic Car General

Rusty Chevrolet Edition

Thread song:

Generic copy/pasta incoming:

>Cars are considered classic at 25 years old, but a vehicle really needs that certain something, to be classic.

>Everybody has their own taste, enter if it's of age or rarity.

>Post your classic, your work on it, your hackery, and get advice.

>Any and all discussion about classics welcome, but may not necessarily generate responses, don't get butthurt.

>Any and all classics welcome regardless of nationality.

>Classic shitbox > modern shitbox.

>It's perfectly fine to use RTV. Ignore the haters.

>You will inevitably spend twice your budget, no exceptions unless you mint your own hash coins.
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Rotary engines are a lot of work, but if you can put in the time to maintain them, holy shit do they have some power.

I was playing need for speed undercover before and me and this other npc's RX7 lead a pack of supercars.

I dont mean shit either I mean a Carrera GT, Ford GT, LP540, GT3 RS, SLR McLaren all sorts of shit. And the rotary came out on top. Me and him finished 1st and 2nd by a hell of a margin.
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Is this the least aerodynamic car in existence?
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I found this key. Any idea which car it may belong to?
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Truckerfag Thread - /TFG/

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>On The Twelfth Day Of Shitposts My Dispatch Gave To Me Edition

Brevious Bread: >>18344041

>44 tonnes of spoiled frozen turkeys
>34 Russian tyres that just smashed through a herd of reindeer
>Sign that lease and I'll put you on the naughty list
>CDL How Do? Private driving school or community college if possible, megas if you are desperate and broke
>Swift: Best Backing Over The Town Square Christmas Tree

>Truckerfag retained the services of the best dentist and anesthetician 2000 Mexican Pesos and a bottle of Kirkland Signature Single Malt Scotch can buy
>EF's brother was forced to eat his codriver to survive a breakdown in the DonnerPass
>Doubles is gonna split some trailers, then later on his wife
>Bepis to begin delivering fine bottled Botswanian spring water
>Cuddly Primefag is secretly The Snuggler;YouTube it
>Primely has relegated all his responsibilities to his trainee, up to and including showering and bathroom duties
>Gundam ordered a sweet new pc case for an ancientboard setup to play mame emulators, Baldur's Gate and the original Rainbow Six
>Oilfag's dastardly outlaw ways are coming to an end
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[Daily Bike Thread - /dbt/]

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Harley Davidson a shit edition

>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Dating Advice

/dbt/ map: Meet & fuck:

No Bike? Start here:
>>16832630 → #

Motorcycle Ergonomics simulator:

Beginner-friendly bikes:

Check your helmet's safety rating here:

webms with sound:
>>>/wsg/1900517 #

Previous thread:
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What makes an engine good?

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I hear a lot about how x engine is wonderful, and z engines are awful, but never have heard what makes them such.

What makes an engine either great, or a frag waiting to happen from a design standpoint?
I am not super knowledgeable on every different engine, so I'll just pull up two examples, one of an inline 4, and a V8

>Northstar V8: hear lots of issues about how they are bad and all sorts of things like cracked blocks, coolant problems etc
>LS1: one of the most popular V8's to swap, reliable and modular.

Inline 4
>Hyundai Theta: known to grenade prematurely
>Toyota 4AGE: reliable workhorse engine for decades in toyota vehicles

Obviously this isn't really fair since different materials and such, but I am just curious what causes a engine to either be a long lasting reliable piece of machinery, or one that frags within a few years of service.
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Fun cars under 20k

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Hey /o/, getting rid of my 04 STI this weekend for 16k. Now that she'll be gone soon I'm in the market for another car and I've been scouring craigslist for the past few days looking for something fast, fun and under 20k. Enlighten me on some good recommendations.
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Which car would be less cool after an LS swap?

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Cars that are faster to begin with are disqualified
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Car Gore Thread

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"I think it's got a bad exhaust gasket" edition
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