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Well /o/ its time for you to decide who will die.
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Why do so many white guys who wish they were Asian modify civics and date Asian girls?

At every Honda meet there is heaps of Asians and half the white guys have Asian girlfriends...

What gives?
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Is Honda the Nintendo of auto manufacturers?
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KIA Stinger Appriciation

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A reminder that the most beautiful, appealing, affordable, practical, versatile, luxury performance hatchback/sedan is manufactured by KIA motors. Honorable shoutout to the Genesis as well for establishing its dominance in the high class luxury sedan market. Hyundai and KIA are the true underdogs. While there are shortcomings, anybody who criticized just because of the badge is ignorant.
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What does /o/ think of the van dwelling trend?

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What's the best van to live in and use as a daily driver?
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Why does the Type R beat the Focus RS

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The record for the Honda Civic Type R on Nürburgring is 7:43 while the Ford Focus RS is 8:06. But in 0-40 and 0-60 times and horsepower the Focus RS is faster, the top speeds are the same, and the RS is all wheel drive.

Why do lap times not correlate with the specs?
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Craigslist thread

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Is this a good deal? it won’t start but besides that everything else seems to be in working condition. Also Craigslist thread
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Rate my design.

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Spergus L8
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Youth gang burns over 80 cars in Sweden

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Does your insurance cover force majoure like this?

What bad have cars done to deserve riot like this? Why youth gangs burn cars?

Hope they didn't ruin any old Volvos and Saabs.
>tfw they spared Honda Civiccu and poverty spec A class
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