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this is my first time in 4chan

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soooo.... umm this is my first ever post here and maybe let's play a little game (just to break the ice)

gimmie pictures of race cars racing or multiple cars in traffic (make sure it's more than one car present)
and i will draw weird faces on them (can be lewd or cringeworthy or sometimes dramatic)
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what's stopping the government (especially that of cucked countries) from making speeding in a tesla impossible?
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Should I buy an E39 520i or an E46 320i?
I want to get more into cars and I heard bmws are best for that
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Amazing Miatas

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My first time ever posting on 4chan after lurking for a while, post your favorite Miata pictures / memes and discuss why Miatas are the superior roadster to the s2000/MR2
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Why does no one like diesel?

>dat torque
>gud power
>EZ smog
>reliable as fug
>amazing mileage
>great DD's, stoplight/highway monsters

I get that there is only a handful of them available with decent power in a decent platform, but that's because no one buys them to begin with.

Why is that other than meme's and untruths?
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Where did hectic used to describe doing stupid shit in a car originate from?

ive been using it forever but never put any thought into it.
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Does a better engine exist?
>greatest sounding engine in existence
>big v8 that revs to 8k rpms
>very powerful NA
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So recently on a vacation with my girl I was doing a 600 mile drive and towing a tad over the legal load limit on my car. And the last 100 miles where done without a clutch due to a failed slave cylinder. (And yes, I took the damn hill covered scenic route)

$900 and a plane ride later I took it home with a ticking sound. Only happens with clutch engaged.

Drove it for 3-4 minutes at 5k rpm and now it sounds like an electric motor. Any idea what I will be looking at replacing here soon?
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Hit me with the most 90's shit you fucking got.

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I just saw one these for the first time. Holy fuck it’s ugly. What does /o/ think?