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Are you Chad enough to put your waifu on your car?
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Is this piece of shit ever going to hit the market or is it vaporware?
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Why do disgusting racist boomers hate the infotainment system in modern cars. its a god damn upgrade from the soulless MUHHH RADIO MUHHHH UGLY GREY PARTS... fuck boomers honestly. they hate every new things but get mad when you criticise the old things they like
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Why do people buy Subarus if they had the same head gasket problem for the last 20 years? You’d think they would be a lot smarter since the Subaru clientele is a lot classier, stupid people buy nissans and FCA.
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What kind of monstrosity is this?
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2022 Tundra

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Not gonna lie fellas; I never liked import trucks until this year.

Toyota's redesigned Tundra seems like a real competitor for the first time I've ever seen it.
Even Nissan's smaller Frontier is competitive in the market and could possibly dethrone the Tacoma.

Hopefully these don't have frame issues like some Toyota trucks have in the past.
Technology-wise, the Tundra seems to bring the A-Game and knock everything else out of the park - and this is coming from someone who's in HD Denalis all the time.

I'm genuinely impressed.
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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread!

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Why is it so perfect edition?!

>Motorcycle tips and tricks
>Motorcycle anime girls (sometimes cats)
>Motorcycles are miatas
>Service interval debates
>Carbonater cleaning techniques
>seabeeanon get well soon!
>skeletal integrity maxxing
>T.nogf posting
>battlestation reveals

N/o/bike? Useful links:

Ken Cop video about riding 2: https://youtu.be/Xp6gxdGrv5E

How to ride in traffic and stuff: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AtG6MRIVtZg

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953

FAQ: https://pastebin.com/xu560p4q

Previous bread:>>24623980
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100 car collection

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If /o/ were to assemble a 100 car collection for a newly built automotive museum, what should be included?
Assuming the costs are completely covered by some wealthy donors. 1 car per post, no duplicates/repeats.
Provide a description for the placard if you want.
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