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Does anyone else here hate anti-carfags?

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>"cars are stupid! They are a horrible investment. Every financial guru says so!"
>no they aren't, you can get a ton of practical value out of a car, especially if it is off-road capable
>"well that's a dumb argument! if a Jeep is a good investment you might as well by an 18-wheeler for off road"

I stopped talking to my friend after that
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The future of every /o/tist

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last thing you worked on in your car

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Took advantage of my tire leaking flat to change a control arm and take it in to an alignment shop. Turns out the fucking fullsize spare is flat too and the only other tire I have is a shitty space saver donut from my dinky Suzuki.

How the fuck did the donut work on my 2006 GS300 but it vibrates as if it wants to fall off with my LS430.
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Salary and the car?

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Post what you think is a good salary and the amount you should pay for a vehicle
>45k year in u.s
>Used truck or car for sub 20k
Idiot had a 30k loan on it with before rear ending some kid
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Why do people do this?

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>going on two lane road
>keeping four or five car distance from the car in front
>going 45mph
>car in front brakes
>look ahead absolutely nothing in front of him
I keep seeing this everywhere. What’s going on?
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King of non-turbo 4banger town

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Who is the meanest and coolest modded naturally aspirated inline 4? Trick question, sr20 isn't actually in the running.
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Right here, it's the retarded consumers fault. This dealership is charging 45 fucking thousand dollars for a GR86 and some moron is buying it. I don't care if it's the dream spec of MT Premium Neptune. If you buy this shit you are 1) retarded and 2) the reason markups exist.
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/dbt/ - Death By Throttle

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rest in peace volusia kid

>Motorcycle discussion
>Motorcycle news and rumors
>Personal attacks based on brand preference
>Carb cleaning tips
>EFI cleaning tips
>Mirror removal services
>Top motorcycle speedruns
>Use trail braking for better cornering
>Undersuits keep you cool on hot days
>Wear earplugs every time you ride
>Highschool girls riding motorcycles
>Motorcycles taking naps

/dbt/ Map: https://www.google.com/maps/d/viewer?mid=1Q2T00gYYuhB-Y6Ng9AJ0Hdy5U1DDYeQ
To be added or updated, email johntheripper@cock.email with:
>The year/make/model of your bike and a web-hosted photo of it
>Your general location and a note about yourself if you want
If you don't wanna dox yourself then just don't send personal information you retard

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953
FAQ: https://pastebin.com/xu560p4q


Twist of the Wrist II: https://youtu.be/EIbMN0lZd14
Street Smarts: https://youtu.be/AtG6MRIVtZg

Prev: >>25621213
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Personalized plate thread

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Post personalized plates you have seen or your own
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Pickup thread

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Thread for anons with pickemup truggs ranging from small to big. BOF SUVs are obviously welcome here too.
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