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itt: bodykits
>inb4 'if your car needs a bodykit to look good its ugly'
>inb4 'ricer'
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>garage doesn't have power and is 50m from my house
>wife won't let me spend to get it power
>it's full to the brim of her shit so probably couldn't even use it if i wanted to

i seriously hate my wife, is it too much to ask for a garage or slab of concrete where i can work on my car. she owns the house but we're married ffs
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Have you ever owned a rare car, /o/?
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Most Gallardos on eBay are listed from $82k - $110k max.

This 2004 Lamborghini Gallardo you see here is being listed for $80k. 53k miles on it. No accidents apart from a few scratches on the corners.

Is this a good buy? What are your opinions?
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how tf are there any of these left??

they get destroyed in every russian crash vid
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Thank you for teaching me how to drive anon. M-maybe you can teach me some other Haram things...?
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[ D a i l y B i k e T h r e a d ] - /dbt/

Yamaha still a shit edition

>Motorcycle Benchracing
>Motorcycle Xenophobia
>Motorcycle Hookups
>Motorcycle Pics & Boring Webms
>Your bike a shit

Benchrace your buttocks:

>Benchrace your p-plate:

Benchrace your helmets:

Look at a map that never gets updated:

Noob? Git gud:
>>16832630 → #

Webms with sound:
>>>/wsg/1731263 #

Previously on /dbt/: >>17414954
Parallel universe: >>>/a/158753632
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What is the worst car you have ever driven?
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