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what's the difference between these two

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Ambient lighting is pure sex.
BMW does it best. Even the moonroof lights up
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Any one have a JZA80 Supra for sale on their craigslist?

> less than 100k miles
> Turbo
> manual
> clean title

Please link it here thanks.
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/Iranian Auto Thread/

Why would you use an American vehicle as a hearse? It would be like if Cadillac One was a Hongqi...

Is Iran really that poor, that there wasn't a working non-American hearse for use? Not even a station wagon?

I'm aware that the funeral had to be thrown together on short order, but they could have at least covered up the Chevy badge.

Iran has a domestic automotive market, if Katanka can import Chinese cars and call them their own;


then Iran can do better than this embarassment, why not put him in a Samand?

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For me? It's the Hongqi ca7460.
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Hongqi L5

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QTDDTOT - Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread

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Ripped the front bumper, driver fender and grill off my 04 Highlander. Rough estimates from a body shop is $3k to get it fixed.
Should I just try and fix it myself? I have zero experience with body work but I have some tools. The parts would be about $500. I'm very poor, I would not have the $3k and even then everyone's booked 3-4 months out. Or is the hassle not worth my time?
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Miata is not always the answer so I need suggestions for a better car for track days.

I'm hoping /o/ is more helpful that reddit and their 'hurrrr downvoted cause mustang derp derp your post violated some rule cause you didnt't sauce your pictures'

12 Mustang GT-500

??? Camaro zl1 1le

Not really interested in Dodge or BMW.

The Mustang has a nicer interior I think and more aftermarket parts? I keep seeing posts on other places saying the Camaro is the better bargain though.

Reliability and cheaper parts/consumables is more important than looks though.

at the very least maybe someone could explain WTF 1le is suppose to mean. Chevy's naming scheme makes no sense at all. 2LT 1LT?
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Is car insurance a SCAM? Why are you required to pay 10% of the car's value every year? After 5 years you've already spent half of the car's value just on insurance.
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Just picked up one of these, what is /o/'s consensus on it?

Quick rundown:
'92 J30 Maxima SE
FWD w/ Viscous LSD
Independent suspension all around
VE30DE V6 with 190HP with VTC and VVT
4 Wheel Disk brakes

This particular example has no rust on the body, but the manifold was cracked. Got some OBX headers on the way.
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