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MK3 or MK4 GTI VR6?

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What are the trade-offs to the MK3 and MK4 generation GTIs? I've been looking for a decent MK3 for a while, but have had little luck. Should I just get a MK4?
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What do we think about the nu-CRV

I drove one and was shocked at how small it was. Why so SUVs even exist? Just buy a wagon lmao
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Post the most aesthetic car wallpapers you have. Low-res poorfags need not apply.
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wtf were they thinking
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What's wrong with Car speeds?

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I am legit confused by car speeds. I keep trying to info how fast I'm going but all of it is mph. Miles per hour is a measure of the distance I would've gone if I drove at a certain speed for an hour. It's not the actual speed I'm driving at that moment. If I drove 70 mph it means I would've traveled 70 miles in an hour, but I want to know how fast I'm going RIGHT Now, NOT where I'll be in a fucking hour , all of these measures km/h and the rest seem to be the same type of shit. It's not even constant, no one drives at that high of a speed for that long, I want a measure of speed in speed, not in distance or time.
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>no incels in my miata, get lost nerd
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Coverage for the Russian Formula 1 Grand Prix starting in just a few short minutes, who else is awake and standing by?
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Is it worth buying? I'm wanting to buy this truck it's a 1984 Chevy c10. It does run and drive, the frame and bed are sound with little to no rust, there are some rust spots throughout some of the front. I'm able to get this truck for under 2k is it worth it to repair and re-sell?

pic related more to come.
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HORRIBLE mileage after road trip

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i need advice but get ready for a blog post

my car is getting terrible mileage (8mpg when it should be 15 city) and i'm not sure whats causing is also running a little louder than normal. i recently went on a trip to yellowstone and the problem cropped up then. here are a list of potential issues:

1. the bumpy road i went on somehow misaligned the muffler. (the road was so bumpy that the dome light that normally didn't work decided to turn on after a large pot hole).
2. i replaced the spark plug recently, but the car is not producing any codes. the spark plug wire has a hole that is wrapped with duct tape.
3. the cold weather and stop start conditions are causing a drop in mileage.

when i completely disconnect the wire, the misfire becomes obvious and the engine shakes. but when it's connected the problem (seems to) go away. Even when the engine claims that it's not misfiring the car just feels like its running louder than it used to when i first got it a year ago. i don't know what the best path forward is. i'm thinking of replacing the plugs, wires, and coil pack but that's going to be a few hours and i figure maybe one of you guys might have run into the same thing before.

pic related is car. 2006 Ford Ranger XLT 4.0 v6 4x4
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N/o/rcal Meet: Donut Drive 2

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Hello Gamers,
It's time for the 2nd Donut Drive, the first of the year, and the first official meet of the year.
For all you veteran gamers, you'll recognize this route as the same from the Ramen Touge. This meet will play out exactly like the regular Ramen Touge only we'll be driving in the day and we'll be eating good donuts instead of shitty "japanese food"
Here's the gameplan so listen up if you want to win Victory Royale:
-Meet at Maple Leaf Donuts on Saratoga Avenue at 8:45am to 9:45am on Sunday January 13 , it's right next to Ringer Hut
- follow Saratoga WEST and make no turns, NONE! Follow the person in front of you if in doubt
- turn RIGHT at the junction of 9 and 35, this is the ONLY turn you have to make before you reach Alice's
- stop at Alice's and make use of this time to take a leak. We may decide to have breakfast here. This is a good time to leave if you need to quit the game early
-Go west on 84W
-south on highway 1
- make a left onto Pescadero
-follow Pescadero then make a left onto Alpine road
-Follow Alpine Road then make a right onto 84 to take you back to Alice's
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