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What is your opinion on autonomous cars /o/?
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Childhood vehicles

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The last car from my childhood is gone, now. I was going to buy it off my parents, but it got sent to the junkyard instead a few days ago and I couldn't find it. RIP minivan, 2004-2018 You barely had 100k miles. Gone too soon.

What cars did you guys' parents have when you were growing up?

To the maybe 1 of you interested in how it went:
>Minivan had a few minor problems
>Relative fixed it
>Mom gives it to relative since I have a car already and hadn't bought the minivan yet (I was going to buy it and said would, but I wasn't expecting it to change hands in the interim)
>Relative lives in hood
>Unlicensed driver neighbor across the street constantly wrecks into minivan backing out to go to work
>Hits it every time it gets fixed
>Relative won't burn the house they're renting down, police say there's nothing they can do about it
>People are too poor to pay even if sued; hit another relative's lexus while they were visiting and got sued by insurance, but have literally no assets or liquid funds
>Uncle sends working vehicle (only problem was getting a new radiator and oil pan which had both been fixed) to junkyard without letting anybody know for the scrap value
>Vehicle me mum was going to sell me for $300 (old deal from when she sold the previous car to a different relative) is like $4,000 looking online for a similar vehicle in worse condition
>Sentimental value, gone

Fug. That minivan persisted through the deaths of all 4 grandparents.
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German engineering thread

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Auto financing/lending advice

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Evening, /o/. I've been thinking recently that there are rarely if ever any threads on here about automotive financing and loans. I work in middle-upper management on a developmental track at one of the world's biggest automotive lenders, and in my experience there are a lot of misconceptions and old wive's tales about the industry. I've personally seen these misconceptions ruin lives on many occasions, and I thought maybe /o/ would be interested in getting some FAQ answers from someone with a bit of experience.

I realize that this topic is dull as dirt compared to muh torques, but if anyone has any questions about auto financing advice/credit scores/repos/leasing/interest/how dealerships and floor plans are financed, I'd love to answer them. I can't share any confidential/proprietary info but there are tons of open secrets in the industry that are incredibly difficult to find anywhere else, including the interbutts. There are a lot of shady land mines for consumers to step on in this industry, and since I really do like you guys, I'd be happy to help you avoid them or even just answer curiosity questions. Only tripping for this thread.

>pic related: my life
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Why is California's car scene so autistic?

>pic related
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Need advice on buying a good, cheap, used car? Look here!

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If you live in the US, this chart is your best place to start looking. International posters outside the US may have region specific options not shown here!
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second car? why not?
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*outperforms the zr1 while remaining street legal*
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Meta thread.

There are a lot of people on /o/ who are truly toxic for the board. They have one or two simplified opinions that are geared towards the 'best' car/engine/transmission/opinion/whatever and shun anyone who has any ideas that go against their 'best' opinions. Now if we were on a race team this would be great because you want to win and you want the 'best' ideas. But this isn't a race team, it's a forum for people who like cars. They like fast cars, slow cars, tall cars, short cars, light cars, heavy cars, pretty cars, ugly cars, cheap cars, expensive cars, etc etc etc. You people, you who insist on going into every thread and flaming/trolling anyone who doesn't agree with your 'best' opinions and pull every thread into a shitty debate, go away. Please just stop posting on here, because this board has minimal quality as it is, and we don't need you assholes pulling it down any further. People like different types of cars, and people have different ideas of what they want, and we don't give a FUCK about what you consider to be the 'best' option for anything, regardless if it is realistically the 'best' option.

Are you confused as to whether or not this is talking about you? Here's a quick test. If a person posts a picture of a car and your first thought is 'they should be posting X car with Y option and then go on to put fingertips to keyboard and actually post this stupid opinion, then yes I'm talking about you. If you can't point out an objective issue with a car choice (known mechanical problems, etc) and instead post a completely different vehicle, then take a deep breath and don't post. Don't fucking post.
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Drivers don't need girlfriends, right? ;_;
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