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any1 witness horrifying car / motorcycle accidents? ill start
> last year
>driving home from work one day
>come across accident scene in intersection at the crest of a hill
>truck pulling lawn mowers / weed wackers is pulled over
>Im the 3rd person on the scene
>debris from crash every where
>speeding motorcycle with 2 riders clobbered the side of the lawn mower trailer at mach 2
>the driver was sitting on the side of the road dazed
>he was already being helped so i went to the passenger
>the passenger was slumped over
>I saw a lady walking towards the passenger with a towel to cover her up
>the passenger was a woman in her early 20s
>it looked like she was in the fetal position facing the ground
> she not movin
> as i walk closer it hits me
> the debris all over the road isn't parts of the motorcycle
> its parts of the passenger
> there wasn't much left of her
> she was cut in half at the belly button
> no arms either

the driver lived with a tbi

she died btw
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Used car shopping woes

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>find car of interest
>message owner if it’s still for sale; owner says yes
>ask for a good day to check it out
>owner doesn’t reply
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ITT we post simpler times
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Mouse Car

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Mouse Car
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Is that a a Japanese car? And it has *GULP* 4 cylinders?
A-and two doors?

Ehhh? I can ride in the front with you? KIYAAAAH
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girl I know (and like) actually took my advice and bought a Subaru estate and took a photo and sent to me. I really like her and want to do something cool but I suck at initiating a conversation or preserving a conversation, I read that you should refrain from using I statements and try to get people to open up and talk about themselfs. I would like to believe she bought one because I myself am a car guy and own a subaru GC8 (which she knows) but I don't want to look too far into it. I know this might be the wrong board but I am kinda happy at the moment and wondering if any old anons have any advice or "aces" up their sleeves that work with women?

much appreciated
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Friendly reminder that eurocucks are not welcome on /o/

Carry on
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CRV 1st gen

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Okay, I wanna buy the car in the subject, found one really really clean, about 75k miles, '98.
However I don't know yet if it's the 126 or the 150hp version, there's some confusing info out there, supposedly from the '99 onwards they come with 150hp but I've seen 98s with b20z (the higher compression engine) instead of common b20.
Now, I doubt I'll see another so mint for a long time, is it okay to bite the bullet and accept the -30hp in case it's just the regular b20? If so, what can I do to improve the situation in the future? A swap would be ideal since it's plug and play but I doubt I could get such thing in southamerica.

Webm source is at the bottom.
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Are women safer drivers?
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>troon "car enthusiasts"
Why do these mentally ill freaks have to infect a facet of every hobby?
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