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The paint on the hood is peeling and looks like shit. I'm thinking about sanding it down and painting it matte black but I'm not sure if that will look good. What do you think?
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>he lowered his car by the same amount front and rear

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Reminder that to make a car sit "flat" you have to have the rear sitting lower than the front.
This is peak aesthetics in my opinion, I will post examples.
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>his car has paddle shifters linked to a CVT
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Are "unreliable cars" actually unreliable, or is it the owners that those brands attract who are actually unreliable?
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Are these hubs fucked?
Brake rotors won't even sit flat
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Sticky Chart Revision-Hatchabcks

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Ok guys, time to visit hatchbacks

This is another section that probably needs to be mostly redone, so I've started with a mostly clean slate:

--Asian Options--
Went ahead and wiped everything out to start with a clean slate. What cars do you guys think deserve a place? Options that come to mind:
-Scion xA/xB/xD
-Civic hatchback
-Kia Rio

--USDM Options--
Again, starting from scratch, possible options I have thought of are:
-Focus hatchback
-Sonic hatchback
-Fiesta hatchback

--Euro Options--
Golf/GTI was kept, years were revised to reflect options now available. For the alternate:
-Fiat 500
-I really can't think of anything else

Alright guys, tell me what's good. Which cars deserve a spot, and why?
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Why do you hate her so much, /o/?
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VIN Lookup Party

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Deciding whether or not to purchase another gas camel since I work so far from home.

Thanks in advance, VINon
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Imagine buying Korean garbage that is less reliable than the Germans and less luxurious than the Germans.
Who the fuck buys Korean cars when Jap cars exist?
The thing is, nobody can even post a single Kia with 600k or more miles, with or without any maitnenance logs.
Meanwhile there are dozens of BMWs documented on line with ~1 million kilometers and BMW is considered one of the less reliable Euro brands, imagine what happens at Mercedes Benz or VW.
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Post great car ads
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