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>be 30 year old boomer
>whole life liked shit-cans
>have a good job
>have a good wife
>were going to try to have kids within the next year
>my 3 shit-cans all over 28 years old and are always having little issues
>I don't mind the upkeep but I am unsure I will have time to do the maintenance when a kid gets here
>thinking about throwing in the flag and buying something "modern"

Should I do it? I am autistic to the point that I absolutely hate every second I drive my wifes car (2012 honda fit) it is such a sterile and boring experience, all modern cars seem to have no soul, and are just cookie-cutter experience. Even my dads 2015 corvette feels boring, going 120mph in it feels like I am not moving compared to going 75mph in my SW20.

>tl'dr should I give up shitcans now that I am supposed to be a responsible adult.
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Why the fuck did car mileage engineering peak 30 years ago?

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You won't find a >40 mpg non-hybrid combined 30 years after this baby came out. What gives?
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How the FUCK do I learn how to drive stick when:
No cars in my family own sticks
I don't have the money to buy a shitter stick bc i'm saving
God damnit there has to be an ez way right?
I just want to fucking test drive a 4spd Fiero but idk how
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VIN Check

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Would any of you fine gentlemen be able to provide me with a check on JN1AZ0CP4BT001093 ?
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What are some of your past misconceptions about cars?
>I believed the Miata has a rotary engine
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I'm 30 and I want to purchase a new RDX. What do you guys think?
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Scrap info

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I need to find out if a certain BMW has been scrapped. I've searched the web for a few hours and haven't found any info on if its been sold or scrapped. its VIN number is as follows: WBAWV13558P120756
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The most common "cool" cars in your country
Here's Georgia
E34, E36
Skyline v35
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[Daily Bike Thread] - /dbt/

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/BigVroom / - edition

>Motorcycle Shitposting & Brand Shilling
>Motorcycle Questions & Answers
>Motorcycle Tips & Tricks
>Motorcycle Gear & Accessories
>Motorcycle Pics & Webms
>Motorcycle Chicken Strip Support Group
>Motorcycle Rider Singles Dating Advice
>Motorcycle and Whisky Pairing Advice

Make Frens:
(New map! Email with pic of bike (hosted) and location to be added):

No Bike? Start here:
Twist of the Wrist II is probably the most recommended book for learning the finer points of riding. Watch it:
>[YouTube] Twist of the Wrist II x264 (embed)
Outdated sticky, read it if you want:
>>16832630 (Cross-thread)

FAQ: (draft)

Threadly question: Would you rather ride a scooter or stop riding?

Previous /dbt/
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Dodge Charger Police

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Looking at potentially picking one of these up. Anything I should know? Problem areas? Especially fond of the 2006-2010 plain jane body. Interested 5.7 models only.
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