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Hello friends, if someone can help.

I have a Chevy Sonic 2013, and I get this. (Pic) it starts beeping and the AC gets hot. Can anyone tell me what’s wrong so I can fix.
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why aren't cars made with RWD anymore? is it just manufacturers worried about people handling their cars in bad weather? or that FWD is cheaper?

I want to buy a car with RWD and a stick shift but everyday theres fewer and fewer on the market and if the car is new then its usually only available on the most expensive trim
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Copart Biohazard

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Post your best finds from copart's biohazard section

Here's my winner
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thoughts on the alfa romeo giulia?
I could get one from 2016 for 15k here in italy with 60k km on it.
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1998 Honda Accord Immobilizer

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So about a month ago I bought a 1998 Honda Accord from my girlfriends dad with 300000 miles on it. (He's a mechanic so thats why i felt confident in it)

anyways last week it slowed down and died on the road. My GFs dad agreed to help fix any sort of problems that came up with it. So he came over and we ended up putting in about $150 worth of replacement parts in trial and error (spark plugs, distributor cap, fuel pump relay, ignition coil). We're finally 90% sure its actually the immobilizer on the key. We're not sure if its because A: The electronics just went bad or B: the spare key that my dad had made for the car after we bought it fucked up the electronics by not being properly programmed and also bc its the only one I had been using (on account of the fact he told me too and I did bc i assumed a shop did it, not a run of the mill key place)

So anyways, which cause seems more likely to you guys and whats the best way to get this fixed so I dont get absolutly fucked out the wallet?
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Wife is finally making enough money to buy a soulless crossover. Which is the best? Ive been steering her towards the cx5 because ive heard good things. She has around 35000 cdn to spend and must have awd and it must be an suv/crossover sigh
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Civic Appreciation

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>kino design
>great gas mileage
>doesn't break down on you
>easy to mod
>V T E C
>holds its value no matter how long you have it

Find a flaw.
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Hey /o/tismos, I have a query for you:

Ford or Kia? I'm getting a car after a Tornado picked me up and I inexplicably survived, but my car didn't.

>Kia Optima 2018 (She used to be a rental)
>38,000 mi

>Ford Focus 2017
>37,000 mi

Which one is the better deal as far as reliability goes? Help plox
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