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is street racing still a thin in japan?

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I've gotten a bit into the 90s Wangan and Touge scene in Japan. Is ist still a thing there today?
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Let's design a tool...

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Dub and trip rollers design the tool. I will sketch it in form and mail it off when complete.
>1st dubs decides name on form
>2nd dubs names the tool
>1st trips writes tool description
>2nd trips decides the sketch
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/o/ writes a country song

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Why are these so comfy to watch? do I have autism? My friends who've had plant jobs tell me the hours are hell and if you're new they make you work the night shift until your body nearly gives in, but I dunno I feel like this could be therapeutic for me
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I got to borrow a friend's turbo car the other week and I concluded I don't really like turbos. Am I weird or do they just kinda suck? The car was a 1997 Volvo V70 2.5T with a slightly bigger turbo than stock, fwiw
>floor it, have to wait about a second for the car to actually do anything
>shift gears, lol have to wait for it to build pressure again
>driving normally is a chore cause you have to punch it right after you let off the clutch for the car to do literally anything, then slowly let off the gas as the turbo spools
the choo choo noises are fun though, and it's fine for highway driving
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Why do girls who are "into cars" always happen to be low IQ coalburners? Usually they drive some ugly blue sports car too.
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Talk me out of buying one of these bad boys.
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Petrol and Diesel mixing

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In theory, a small amount of diesel in a petrol car should be able to run higher compression or more boost before knock right? As diesel contamination causes a delay in ignition etc. While its slower burninga and would be bad at high rpm, we could take avantage of this at low-mid rpm use cases couldnt we?
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Don't Like Newer Cars?

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Go make your own car then.
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Euro here. Moving to states for work reasons (lawyerfag). Looking for a used truck. Always wanted pic related but heard that powerstroke has lots of problems. Is it worth getting?
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