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Name a new car for under 35K that is better in terms of practicality and performance. /o/ is sleeping on nu WRX.
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I'm really really poor

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Would this 1996 lexus be a good choice of car to get me back on the road? My 92 ford explorer blew a head gasket and it sucks.
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What's his fucking problem?
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I have a complete shitbox truck that has an exhaust leak where the exhaust manifold meets the cylinder head. I know the engine is already toast and i plan to buy a new engine for it in the next few years but I want to do a quick fix just for now. If the fix only lasts a few months and I have to do it again that's fine. I know the optimal fix is to have the cylinder head or exhaust manifold surfaces machined but I am not going to do that because I can't be fucked and i don't want to spend the money on an engine that is already fucked.

I replaced the gasket a month ago and the replacement was an MLS gasket. I sprayed a bunch of copper spray on it and it initially worked but the leak came back like a week later.

So what is a cheap and easy way to fix this leak? I don't care how ghetto it is as long as it works. I am thinking about trying one of the felpro gaskets that look like they are a bit thicker and softer than the OEM style gaskets, but I was also wondering if there is some kind of sealant I could use.

Thanks for the help shitb/o/xers. Pic related is the shitbox in question, a 1987 suzuki samurai that i resurrected from the dead after sitting in someone's backyard for over a decade.
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EVbros, what went wrong?
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Almost ran over somebody today because I was driving like a retard, very scary shit. Anyone else guilty of any close calls or accidents caused by your own stupidity?
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What /mu/sic does /o/ listen to when working on the vehicle?
For me. it's Japanese beattapes.
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kuruma sekkuso
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>car has ceramic top coat
>how do you remove water spots?

Bros. I know I need to use a microfiber, but what kind of spray should I use to remove water spots from the car? What about the plastic like tailights? I don't want scratches or swirls.
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What's car culture like in Japan these days?

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When people think of it they think of how it was in the late 80s and 90s, but I'm curious if it's similar or worse to the current state of it in the west.
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