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My NA Miata is Slow

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I do not mean "IT DOESNT HAVE 400 HORSEPOWER", I mean I can barely keep up with traffic on the highway.

It is a struggle to get to 80 mph. Like 4k RPM in 5th gear struggle. I typically shift between 4k and 5k, is that too soon?

I have had people anecdotally say they have gotten these cars in ths triple digits. I do not need to go that fast. I just want to be able to merge comfortably on the highway without fearing I will blow up the engine.

I just changed the spark plugs so I know that is not the issue. Could anything else be causing it?
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Based as fuck

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Scotty Kilmer

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is he right?
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What are your preferred helmet models/brands?
Are Schuberths worth the price?
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Jeep transmission issues

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I have an 06 Wrangler JK that shifts too high in like 2-3 k rpm, then when I get on the highway refuses to go into last gear and just stays in 4500-5k. It used to do it upon start up then stop when it warmed up but now does it constantly. Trans fluid looks fine. Anyone know what might be the issue or had similar problems?
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Is buying an older car with lower miles not a good idea /o/? I hear that the seals will dry out, and its better to get a car with about 10k per year on it versus the lowest possible amount.
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what kind of car should i buy if my intention in life is to fuck fat women and architect them?
what cars have the widest passenger seat and robust suspension?
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Why did the rotary fail when it had so much potential?

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If you look at much of the technology from the 787B, the Renesis had the potential to be so much greater. The 787B had the ability to introduce a better ignition and firing system that would have drastically increased power and torque, would have improved fuel economy, lower heat build, and would have allowed for an aluminum alloy block instead of a cast iron, which would have dropped the weight of an already lightweight engine by nearly half.

There are a number of things online with private groups that show they can improve other aspects of the rotary, as well. Especially through ports and exhaust modification.

It is like Mazda developed a stone wheel when rubber was available. Not only this, but they never opened up a proper self-sustaining division that handled rotary development and parts manufacturing for sports/after market consumers. There has always been a demand for this, but nothing was ever done.

If this engine was only half-developed at the time of release, what could possibly have been the justificaiton?
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I drive a 22 year old honda

Its not the best looking car, but it's reliable and never gave me any problems. Only has like 130k miles on it and can last a lot longer.

However, I am embarrassed to drive it in public and when picking up girls on dates, as it makes me look poor. But in reality I make $120k/yr.

Should I get rid of it and get a cleaner and more modern car to save my ego?
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