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My 02 Corolla shitbox I bought for 1500 4 years ago I can now sell for around 5-8 grand
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>gas powered GT version comes with 2.0 liter 4-cylinder engine
>265hp and 360 lb-ft of torque
>0-60 in 6.5 seconds
>plug-in hybrid version has 285hp and 383 lb-ft of torque
>0-60 in 6.1 seconds
>both come with limited slip differentials
>literally the most power crossover
>under $30,000

Dodge bros, we've won
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>'ev muscle' announcement
3rd times the charm, dodge.
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n/o/rcal WAT meet Clearlake SP

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We're gonna go do some glamping.

Safeway, 100 Calistoga Rd, Santa Rosa
1:00PM FRIDAY the 19th
Whatever just give me the fucking campiste:
Kelsey Creek Campground, Kelseyville, CA

shopping for supplies and stuff, then drive to campsite.
Set up tents, then commence step 2.
Possible evening driving if no step 2.
probably resupply for more bbq
take 175>101>skaggs>1>home for bay area wankers, anyone else idunno

>why is it on a friday
because a 1 night trip is too short and too much driving
>but I cant take friday off or otherwise want to come saturday
thats fine, either come in the evening or come saturday then. post about it in the thread and maybe others will join you on saturday idk.
>i dont want to do any camping
I recommend you express this in person, there may be others who only want to do the full route and go home. You are more than welcome to hang out at the campsite till you want to leave.
>how do i camp wtf?
bring a tent, hammocks ill advised. a sleeping bag rated for summer use, 50F or lower, probably a sleeping pad or cot, and anything else you regularly need to sleep.
>how do I campsite
parking costs like $20, campsites are provided with the meet, showers are pay (tokens at gate).
you are welcome to get your own site if you wish, we have room for like 16 people (plenty)
>should I like bring anything from home
yes, bring a chair, stuff for lake (tube,floatey stuff,boat), towels, soap, bug-spray sun-screen lube, anything you can think of to share like camp tools or fire stuff
>is there power
yes* in the toilet buildings

if you are coming late or otherwise any time that isnt planned, you can email me at day of for info
otherwise drive in and look for the group of supercars.

all cars welcome, all people welcome, no fursuits, ect ect.
>can i bring my gf/dog/fish/maid/mom/son/wifes son
>can i-

do not let the thread die
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I have no words for the tragedy i just saw at work

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The disaster :( that has occurred is beyond that which is indescribable.
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New Charger Prototype Announced

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So this is it, the Charger as we know it is dead and scheduled to be replaced with this. Highlights?
>Fake sound
>Fake shifting
>Unlockable DLC power levels and drive modes
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>the Nissan is... not a track car
>it’s not even a sports car
>barely made it around the track once
>Nissan wouldn’t let us drift it
>more expensive and slower than a gr86
>can’t be called an enthusiasts car

How the fuck can Nisan be this retarded? They didn’t get the price right, the didn’t get the car right, so what the fuck DID they get right? This isn’t going to help their already shit reputation at all
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>yeah just bring it in first thing in the morning we open at 630
>sorry we didn't get a chance to look at it today maybe tomorrow

I've had this happen at multiple shops now. As a single guy with one car, how do you deal with this situation? Am I supposed to get a rental and leave it with them all week?
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Why do these exist
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