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/dbt/ - Daily Bike Thread

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go touring before the season ends edition

>Motorcycle discussion
>Motorcycle news and rumors
>Personal attacks based on brand preference
>Carb cleaning tips
>EFI cleaning tips
>Mirror removal services
>Top motorcycle speedruns
>Use trail braking for better cornering
>Undersuits keep you cool on hot days
>Wear earplugs every time you ride
>Don't buy Chinese motorcycles or gear
>Highschool girls riding motorcycles
>Motorcycles taking naps

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953


Twist of the Wrist II:
Street Smarts:

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Name every DeWalt tool you have
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Fuck you I like it

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What is a good full size/luxury/executive sedan? That isn't 200k+. Skoda superb? Anything japanese? these type of cars seem very rare nowdays
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What's the most advanced piece of equipment you know how to drive?

For me it was this thing and a 10 speed semi
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That sticky needs an update. Still recommending a 2006 jetta...
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Car For The Job

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I'm starting work as a professional private investigator, I need a vehicle that looks very forgettable and inconspicuous. Something like mid 2000s Corolla, anything like this with some more speed?
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about to buy a crosstrek sport to daily, can't decide between the blue or black. help me decide.
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Now that the dust has settled, was it a success?
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