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Fell in love with this car. Is it any good?
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Anyone else get really lucky with cops?

Numerous instances when I was younger where I was speeding a bit and only got a warning.

More recently I had some aggregious examples:

>going 120mph (clocked at 105mph) with expired tabs, expired insurance. -3 pts for basic speeding, and a warning when it could have been a felony

>went 65 in a 30, gave me a ticket for going 50 so i wouldnt have to go to court, but she even put it in the system anyway (its been a year, knock on wood)

went 43 in a 25 at night on my bike last night, just a warning

Maybe white privilege is a thing? Or maybe good looking privilege? Or, maybe, because I talk to cops with utter respect and compliance (even though I dislike cops) and am honest without giving them any more info than I need to. Who knows.
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Sneed and Breed

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Is this a gay hairdresser car?
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2020 Ford Mustang GT Premium Performance Pack
Active exhaust
Digital dash
Around 10k miles
3.73 rear end

For 40k. Worth or no?
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what would happen if I went on the nurburgring and waved the nazi flag while driving through youtube corner?
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how did fiat manage to transform something as ugly as the Ami to something actually kinda cute? Also without raising the price too much. An Ami costs 9k EUR meanwhile the fiat barely 10K
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I want to build a race car replicas gt40 kit car

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Anyone have experience with these or kit cars in general?
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Post action shots. This pic sucks because couldn’t post original as file was too large.
>pic related, oval track photographer tilted to exaggerate the bank and make me look nascar af