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Get in loser

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What's the worst that will happen if I buy a used shitbox with 500,000km on it for $800, get insurance / ownership, and then just never get it safetied?
Take the temporary stickers off, and just go "OOPSIE POOPSIE I DIDN'T KNOW YOU NEEDED TO GET THE CAR CERTIFIED"?

I venture I'll be able to work for a month before it gets impounded, and then with the earnings from that I might be able to get something better.
I'm in Ontario, for reference.

Any car for sale under 5,000 will be a shitbox without safety, with 300k on the odometer, and will be essentially un-fixable without pouring another 5,000 into it.

Might use it to do Amazon deliveries or some other poorfag-tier work.
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Volvo 240

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What am I in for if I buy one of these?
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/ovg/ - AI generated edition

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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General. Join the series.

Previous thread >>25906811


Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


>Equipment Guide

>We're currently racing Assetto Corsa Touring Car Legends S2 on Saturdays and Dirt Rally 2 on Sundays. Check out our Google doc for more info
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Citroën Ami = all you need

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>low speed = no traffic accidents
>electric = no environment damage
Want to get somewhere faster? Just start earlier, you antisocial fuck. There's ZERO reason to endanger people's lives with fast cars.
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hey carbrains

read it

memorize it
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>Just turn right bro!
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What are some cars that are guaranteed to attract thieves and that I should take special precautions to keep them locked up or secure from hotwiring?
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I let my family members borrow my car a while ago, and it's smelled horrible inside since. I almost never have my windows up now.
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guys, what if I accidentally read end someone's parked lifted jeep, but the only damage was onto MY rear bumper
Checking the other vehicle, my bumper had struck the TIRE, bending towards it, with no body contact
There is no visible damage or scuffing on the lifted jeep, body or tire, however my rear bumper has been dented inwards
Driving around the block to reposition myself into a safe parking area, the Jeep driver had left while I was repositioning
If something like this were to happen, what would be the recommended course of action?