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Do Americans really?
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>was cool for like 4 months
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What the actual fuck

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Is manual gear really that uncommon in US? Everyone I know uses manual gear, I've never been in an automatic car in my entire life

>T. Eastern European
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>You. How does $100 a gallon sound for you?
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>800 credit score
>3.5% financing
>approved for pretty much whatever amount I want to spend up to 140k

I want to spend 40k or less. What should I buy? Looking for:
>6 cylinder
>Under 50k miles
>fun to drive as a daily

Pretty much open to anything with these parameters
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EV's use way more electricity than you realize

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I see a lot of posts on here equating the electricity being used to charge an EV as being the same as running an air conditioner or some other high-draw appliance, but this is not accurate. When an EV is charging, it's pulling the equivalent of an *entire house going at full tilt*, and it does so continuously. This is totally unlike the power draw from an air conditioner, which only turns on intermittently, and actually draws much lower current than people realize 99% of the time. The same thing goes for an oven, stove, electric kettle, or anything else that uses a heating element - it's not running the element at full tilt for hours, it's running it for a few minutes to a half hour and then switching off. The EV charger pulls its max current the second you start charging and doesn't stop until you unplug it or the battery is full. Most houses in the real world pull about 40-50 amps during the busiest part of the day (everyone gets home and you're doing all the cooking, washing, etc), and less than 20 amps the rest of the day. EV chargers generally draw 30-50 amps depending on the type, continuously. So, if you charge your car overnight for 8 hours, you're using about the same amount of electricity that your house uses in 24 hours. I don't really care about EV's one way or the other, I'm just tired of the misconception that their current draw is minimal. It isn't. It's actually a huge amount of power.
t. electrician
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how ear pleasing is (You)r machine?
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>Bugatti Veyron tyres
$42,000 a set, can ONLY use Michelin pilot sport PAX tyres which were made specifically for the car and have to be glued to the wheel. You must bring your car in to have the tyres reglued every 18 months regardless of mileage.

>Bugatti Chiron
Comes with Michelin pilot sport cup 2’s, any local tyre shop can order these in and fit them for about 2 grand.

Is this representative of impressive leaps in tyre technology or were Bugatti and Michelin running a nice scam to inflate prices?
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how come porsche doesn't innovate and create other styles of cars. its like they are peak german autists that refuse to deviate more than 5mm from any arbitrary point on the original body design. why not make a sick hatchback or 4x4
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Best prepper vehicle?

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In your opinion, what is the best vehicle for a doomsday situation? Something old without computers? EV? Mega 4x4 off-road monstrosity? I think an EV is the most flexible solution, if you have the option to charge with solar.
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