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/dbt Daily Motorcycle Thread

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disappointing kawasaki reveal edition

>Never buying used, Never buying new
>Turning your Goldwing into a street fighter
>Motorcycle falling advice
>Lowsiding high5ing techniques
>ZX4RR > R7
> intentionally left blank
>getting banned for wrong-think on /dbt
>fucking nobikes shitting up the thread
>motorcycle instathots & moto wreck webms
>Pass the MSF, wear ear plugs

READ THE STICKY: >>23526953
jannies can suck a dick:

Training links:

Training vids:
Twist of the Wrist:

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Car accessories that make you look like a joke

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I'll start
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Are they good cars? I'm not a poorfag, looking at either the C43 or the C63. I like the styling.
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Why didn't any Australian care ever sell in America?

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>Can turn corners
>Sexy af
Well /o/?
Every single Australian car is like this but America wouldn't accept them, Why?
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So.... manuals are faster now?

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Will the flappy paddle losers finally admit defeat? Manual transmissions are:
>more reliable
>more fun
>faster (inb4 "but what about in a drag race on a perfectly flat surface where you get to enable launch control and you never mod your car?")
>better for the environment (ok, I made this one up)
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What tf car do i buy?
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my dream car is a volkswagen golf 7.5 gti, guess what kind of person i am by asking me questions, let's see who is the winner
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Stupid Questions That Don't Deserve Their Own Thread /SQTDDTOT/

Can anyone recommend a boiler suit? For my home garage in the hot south. I had this one back up north, chosen for no reason. I prefer it loose so I can throw it on over clothes.
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Moller M400 Skycar

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Why did it fail?

How come development never progressed past the tethered hover tests in 2003?
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I want it.
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