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>What Vendors are Active Edition? I made a new google docs and removed dead links
Previous thread: >>26624804

>Vendors list with visualization, courtesy of Taiyo

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ
>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to automotive decals and stickers, as well as other general aesthetic modifications.
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I hate my government, I hate the police and I hate society for the cesspit it has become today. How do I start a street racing crew based on these foundations and not just a bunch of turbo-faggots in Camrys and Mazda 3s?
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These are the definitive motorcycle power rankings, change my mind

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Anyone else get really lucky with cops?

Numerous instances when I was younger where I was speeding a bit and only got a warning.

More recently I had some aggregious examples:

>going 120mph (clocked at 105mph) with expired tabs, expired insurance. -3 pts for basic speeding, and a warning when it could have been a felony

>went 65 in a 30, gave me a ticket for going 50 so i wouldnt have to go to court, but she never even put it in the system anyway (its been a year, knock on wood)

>went 43 in a 25 at night on my bike last night, just a warning

Maybe white privilege is a thing? Or maybe good looking privilege? Or, maybe, because I talk to cops with utter respect and compliance (even though I dislike cops) and am honest without giving them any more info than I need to. Who knows.
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Why do these fellers like Mountain Dew so much?

Why do they all own trans ams?
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meanwhile at the FRAM factory...
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Manual help

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I need some help /o/. I bought myself a nice Fiesta ST, but the low end torque in low gear is maybe too much for my skillset at the moment. I find myself on the clutch too much- using it to brake the engine almost during shifts to smooth the engine lurching. I feel like a goddamn noob (its been years since I owned a manual). My last manual was a Sentra with low power so I hadn’t any experience with higher hp engines. A friend says I should rev match- that is add gas to smooth the shift but that feels like I’m burning the clutch. Am I wrong? I need your help /o/.
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Le Mans 2023

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The dream team is here.
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concept cars/prototypes
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