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Are Kei trucks finally coming to NA?

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/hg/ 本田 - Honda General

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Looking at buying a Honda? Post here and we'll tell you our elitist asshole opinions!

Need help identifying a chassis?

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Questions that don't deserve their own thread.

My lower transmission cooler line drips when the car is running, even with thread tape on the fastener. The upper line does not leak at all.
Radiator is brand new, do I just need a new fastener? Maybe flare the end of the line more?
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concept cars/prototypes
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why are americans incapable of making good small engines?

no, 2 or 3 engines over a period of 60 years is not a good track record
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>car has ceramic top coat
>how do you remove water spots?

Bros. I know I need to use a microfiber, but what kind of spray should I use to remove water spots from the car? What about the plastic like tailights? I don't want scratches or swirls.
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/ovg/ - unplayable edition

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Welcome to the Auto Vidya General, the thread for discussion of racing and driving games.

Previous thread >>26645955


Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


>Equipment Guide

>Check the doc. New series: BTCC rF2...
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Am I retarded for daily driving a 1991 BMW 318is?

Do you guys daily older cars?
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/org/ - Offroad General - Snork edition

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Offroad general and autism containment zone.

Post truggs and bikes inna woods or inna parking lot.
Whip out your tool and compare it with other bros.
Booli RTTs
Ask people who don't live there where all the trails are located.
Complain loudly about things you can't control or how other people spend their money.
Post mods and what you're working on.
Esoteric snorkel debates.
Drive it til you break it then fix it better.
Continue not to drink Bud Light.
Take a trip to the border and test out your new bullbar on the local wildlife.
Don't buy chink lights. Or tyres.
Have fun!
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Infiniti QX80

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Thinking about picking up one of these used for $25k or so. Single with no family, but have been wanting the ability to move larger items around without asking other people for help. Competing Lexus models are a bit out of my price range...

Has anyone here bought a vehicle this large and then regretted it? Would be coming from a small sedan.
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