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Nissan Z: Get off the track

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/org/ - Offroad General

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Wheelin Thread
Wrenchin Zone
4x4 Autism Containment

Old trucks, new trucks, red trucks, blue trucks. Breaking parts is okay; it's a chance to make rig stronger. Sway bars on IFS are a government psyop. Debate optimum sidewall girth (you know what I mean). Wheel barefoot.

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>2 door coupe
>manual tranmission
OH TESLA SISTER'S Nonononononono
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Missed opportunity

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With a clean sheet design Dodge had the opportunity to make something brash like pic rel and prove that EV cars can be cool.

Instead we get another snoozefest car with fake "engine" noise that looks like a cheap version of a Lucid Air.

Who in their right mind is going to be a guinea pig and spend their money to beta test the famous quality chrysler is known for?
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Trucker Thread
How ya hangin' out there, drivers?
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AU or EL Fairlane? I can't decide.
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DC boost converter before ignition coil?

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Why don’t we just boost the DC voltage into the ignition coil before etc before it gets transformed up? We’d end up with way more ignition voltage, more current draw yes but even basic cheap boost converters like pic related handle 150W and a regular coil pack is like 20W continuous on average.
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What went wrong?
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/ovg/ - Auto Vidya General - Dirt Rally 2 Series Edition

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Welcome to Auto Vidya General

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Port: 64738
Password: 4ch


Equipment Guide

We're doing Dirt Rally 2.0 on Sundays and soon (tm) racing on Saturdays again. Check out our Google doc for more info
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I am a pick-up truck enthusiast. However, I was watching The Grand Tour re-run today and they mentioned that French company Renault had made a pick up truck. As an American I've never seen one. I know that trucks are less common in Europe, but I was wondering if anyone over the pond had an experience with one they'd be willing to share.
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