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What's /o/'s opinion on Honda's upscale brand?

The lease on my current car is almost up. Thinking of switching over to a TLX Type-S. Seems like a lot of car for the money. Plus, I like the styling, it's very aggressive for a sedan.
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this interior couldn't be more ridiculous. the blind spot in the left pillars is massive.
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>I need my big truck to do manly truck things

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/osg/ - Auto Sticker General #554

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>What Vendors are Active Edition? I made a new google docs and removed dead links
Previous thread: >>26624804

>Vendors list with visualization, courtesy of Taiyo

>List of Vendors and Social Media

>/osg/ FAQ
>What is this thread for?
A thread to discuss, post, create, and review anything related to automotive decals and stickers, as well as other general aesthetic modifications.
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Group B thread

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I just wanted to post these here, for fun ofc
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concept cars/prototypes
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Is he right?
The younger the vehicle the better?
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>ford, gm and ram can't move trucks
>over 100 day average lot time for new vehicles
>loan rates and prices not lowering any time soon

so i'm gonna be able to get a real cheap truck in 8 months
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new DB12

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>auto only
>turbo v8
it's trash
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