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Mopar moment

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>Swapping 5.7 hemi on 2016 ram
>New motor doesn't have this sleeve in the end of the crank
>New sleeve from stealership is 4 weeks out
What do?
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Facebook marketplace/Craigslist thread

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Post finds, whether it's actually good deals, rare cars, barn finds, delusional "I know what I got" boomers, literal shitheaps, or anything else.
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It's been 10 years and it's still the fastest production car that matters (synchromesh manual).
With the ev/hybrid globohomo winning, will the viper go down as the high water mark of motorsport, the fastest in history of all time? The fastest our civilization will have to offer?
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/TFG/ truck boyz general

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Yea u know who I am. And u know what this is. This is the truck boyz general.

Yeah I hate 4 wheelers
Yeah my job is skilled
Yeah I make racks
Yeah if u could do it u would be. But the reality is u can’t. U are a product. A house human. You wake up and go to the place run on ur wheel. I am out here choosing my lanes, choosing my freight, if I want to park I park. If I want to book a load to ur moms house I do it. Some ppl can’t handle this life of this amount of freedom.
Oh and by the way I’ve put several mad lads like u in the ditch. U kids always act like ur tough but when my trailer starts coming over u will always choose the ditch. Last person that brake checked me is rotting in the ground. u got what it takes to post in the truck boyz g? Let’s hear it
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itt: Timeless Car Designs

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Car's that have aged or will age well and look cool forever...
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Daily Bike Thread - /DBT/

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Eliminator 450 in 6 days Edition!

>Suzuki shitposting
>R7 copers
>Pass the class, wear the plug
>Pictures of people you have sex with
>GN125 build
>Milk crate mounting solutions
>Motorcycle dating advice
>RTV sealantmaxxing techniques
>Lowsiding techniques
>ZX4RR is based
>ABS is based
>kiwi nonny come back


Link that hurts jannies:

Must read before posting:

Twist of the Wrist II by Keith Code:

Street Smarts outdated safety video:

Preivous: >>26682394
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/org/ - Offroad General - Snork edition

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Offroad general and autism containment zone.

Post truggs and bikes inna woods or inna parking lot.
Whip out your tool and compare it with other bros.
Booli RTTs
Ask people who don't live there where all the trails are located.
Complain loudly about things you can't control or how other people spend their money.
Post mods and what you're working on.
Esoteric snorkel debates.
Drive it til you break it then fix it better.
Continue not to drink Bud Light.
Take a trip to the border and test out your new bullbar on the local wildlife.
Don't buy chink lights. Or tyres.
Have fun!
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The team behind the new Volvo EX30 has said no to buttons. The EX30, aimed at young people, goes all-in on less is more.

>The upcoming Volvo EX30 electric SUV - teased for the first time late last year and again earlier this month at a distance best described as telescopic - will be making a big thing of its smartphone connectivity and clever storage, the firm has said.
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cursed images thread

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Anyone else's heart sink when they realize most passenger cars look like this now?
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