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Is the corolla still a good car? It's easier to get the se model now with the newer style 2 liter engine. But the older 1.8 is still available for this model year. Which one should I get? Does toyota still make cars designed to go 300k miles or is it a meme?
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992 = Best Daily Driver?

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Is the 992 the highest end daily driver available?
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Cyclist runs red light, in interview claims “had right of way”
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Just saw the EV announcement. Pretty tragic.
But sometimes it's better the appreciate what we've had, than what we expect.
2015-2023, 8 years of muscle car golden age.
I still remember when the 2015 hellcat first came out, 707 hp.
At that time, the gt350=526hp, zl1=580hp, ferrari ff=651hp, aventador=691hp
I've always planned to keep this manual widebody hellcat forever, but I still wish more people could get to experience something like this. I wish I could let you come for a drive.
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/hg/ 本田 - Honda General

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Looking at buying a Honda Post here and we'll tell you our elitist opinions

Need help identifying a chassis

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I LITERALLY just bought a Colorado 2 months ago and now they release the 2023 redesign. just kill me bros

What do we think of the new interior/exterior?
How bad am I going to get hosed when I go trade this my truck in at the dealership next year when I upgrade to this?
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Body Kit thread

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my car is 30 years old and has shitty worn out bumpers on it. it's either buy a body kit or a shitty replacement. guess i'm going fiberglass boys. either i'm going to have a lot of fun or make it uglier than being damaged. post bodykits itt
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>leave car sitting for a few months, go for drive
>white smoke from exhaust
>oil level low
>water level low

fuck is there any way this isn't a blown gasket? I'm hoping it's just cat failure
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Dodge Charger Daytona EV

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>Literally a bald old man with bushy eyebrows screaming
What did they mean by this?