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Italian government wants to protect Ferrari and Lambo from the ICE ban

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>Not that long ago, Stellantis CEO Carlos Tavares [finally] admitted manufacturers are only building EVs because governments are forcing them to
>The EU has imposed extremely stringent emission targets in terms of fleet average.
>The target [for 2020] was 95g of CO2 per km across the manufacturer’s entire range of cars and the fine, for those who failed to comply, is 95 euros for every gram over that target, multiplied by their entire volume of cars
>For the record, all 17 major manufacturers in the EU failed to meet that target
>Unfortunately, the European Union wants to get rid of ICEs altogether by 2035 but the Italian government wants to shield Ferrari and Lamborghini from the ban by using cleaner fuel and electrification

OH NO NO NO NO evchads, how can we possibly recover?