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Seriously, should I daily . . .

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This thread is for enquiries about choosing unconventional or 'questionable' cars as your main/daily

I'll kick things off with the Suzuki Super CARRY (2017 onwards)

I already discussed it here

Its numbers (economy,.utility, maintenance) make it a winner for me.

I can get a brand new one for $10000 roughly, which is within my class. Id go as high as $25000, but the value must match the price ratio of a CARRY. So like, to me a car would have to be as good as a Roles Royce at $25000, to justify not taking a perfect tool like the CARRY.

As for ME (obviously, a daily is more than just numbers, its a partner), I'm not overly bound to convention. I go more with personal fun and hard logic than sheepism. I actually get irked by the latter. I would rather kill someone with a pen knife stab to the back of the head than with a gun because of ''muh SOVL''. Guns are soulless, except maybe Gatling guns.

I'm not a car person overall, would actually prefer bikes to them. Obviously she's being used by big wigs, but I also agree with the spirit/idea of Greta Thunberg. I don't really care about power, so I don't care about pickup trucks (like Hilux or Ranger). If I must get a petrol eater, I want something that'll be to my views and tastes.

I might also use it for business (like a delivery Uber), so that's a bonus. The simplicity of its design is good with me since im not good with cars anyway. Not a naturally gifted speed driver either.

So on paper and as an idea, I fully want it. But as I said, I'm not good with cars. Would it be practical to have as a pure daily for a 'lone wolf' guy? I've got no extreme givings. I might go on untarred roads once a week.

If yes, should I go for new or used?

Any other thoughts or info?

It doesn't have to be a Super CARRY specifically. The rivals from KIA or Hyundai or somesuch are acceptable too.