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Why the fuck is Tesla so obscenely valuable?
They make pretty decent EVs, I give them that, but they're not anything special compared to the competition.
They don't make the fastest charging cars, the most efficient cars, their stuff is expensive compared to others.
Their lead in self-driving tech is questionable.

The vaportruck is still coming soon, despite competitors already shipping their trucks.

They barely make more EVs than the second biggest maker (VW), and will likely be overtaken in the Chinese market in a few years.

Their battery tech is about as good as their competition, 4680 is a meme, they're no closer on actual breakthroughs like solid state tech.

Their build qualiity and interiors are behind the competition.

All in all, considering the good thing things going for them, they make decent EVs, plus the meme magic of Daddy Musk, but I cannot imagine them being worth more than 1.5x VW or Toyota realistically.

Is there some actual reasoning behind this, this some HODL to the moon memery?

Ah and no retarded answers. like cherrypicking some obscure manufacturing tech like 'single piece castings', as rabid Tesloids usually do.