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Fucking hell I had a finding Jesus comment

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Being me, only interested in & owning the Lord's transmission.
Have to trade my MT Mustang GT and MT ND2 Miat for a car with actual back seats. I test drive the new (hideous) M3 with a manual transmission...
It's blowing me away, performance makes my Mustang feel like an econobox only with way worse sound.
Then out of curiosity I take out an Alfa clover that's at the same dealership cause why the fuck not?
Autotragic never felt this good.
The cliches of this being a 4 door Ferrari are true?!
This thing is on another fucking level of feeling and control.
Like a goddamn 500 HP Miata.
How did Alfa fuck it up this bad?? Why is no one buying it?
I'm tempted to get one cause nothing will compare sub 80k. Not in the slightest I'm sure.
This is a future classic 100%
If you get a chance to drive one, do yourself a favor and do it.