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i am so sick and tired of the bullying here. ever since dodge called my god machine ive gotten nothing but harassment from bus riders every time i interject my car into the thread. the v6 chally is the pinnacle of engineering. it handles like a miata, has over 300hp, is comfy womfy inside, and anyone who disagrees is wrong. virgin 8 posters are just mad that i didn't have to take out a loan for thousands more and can build my sim rig for racing and hentai games. I am not a 3d simp but instead a connoisseur of japanese animation. my dream is to take my chally to the mountains of nippon and become an underground racing champion with my superior multilink suspension and 49/41 weight distribution. ill buy custom commissions of my waifu and hang them up in my chally. bus riders will be ultra mad lol. go ahead and challenge me in my thread. I will post any time of day when I feel like someone on the chan is talking about challys or disparaging the honor of my chally specifically.

pic related, it's my chally wally or as we call it in cali wali a hot carl

and dont make jokes about the hearse and the chally being dead. I will talk to my mom friend in discord and get you banned immediately.