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Stripped brake line caliper

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I don't fucking get it. This is the second caliper that I apparently fucked up, did 3 others and now this last one is just fucked. This time I even screwed the bolt for the brake line itself on by hand, snugged it up a bit, and that was it. Bleed it, still leaking. Snug it some more. Give it some pressure, still leaking. Snug it some more. Repeat, then it loses tension. Now this one strips out just like the other one. I don't fucking get it. What in the absolute fuck is going on? I didn't wrench on it. Are they really that fragile?

I can't keep fucking doing this, a single day project has been stretched out over 3 days now. I need money and I need a working fucking car. I just do not understand. Are these calipers all defective? What the fuck is going on?