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>Buy a car online from out of state (pic unrelated)
>Take out a $500 loan just to add to what I got left for shipping
>The company stalls, can't find a driver, have an endless mental breakdown 'cause I haven't have a remedy for cabin fever for over a year, I have been stuck out in the middle of nowhere without transportation
>company tells me they found a driver that wants another $100, fine, done, do it
>Call the seller to let him know, he admits the car was stolen by a meth addict but he got it back, there was a police chase, somehow the car is fine
>Tell the guy to drop the charges on my behalf the moment it's on the trailer and coming for me once she can no longer destroy my own property.
>Get the car.
>It's seemingly fine, I'm just happy, feel amazing, I don't have to beg someone for a 10+ mile ride to town or delivery, I can just do things now
>for two days
>then the oil pan explodes, literally blows a big damn hole, here I am just wondering what I did wrong
>Call the guy, he admits he had to replace the driver's window because she couldn't unlock the door and tried to bash her head through to get out when the cops stopped her
>Thank him for everything, and trying to find another oil pan
>...then ask him again to please drop the charges