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Help an academic at the end of graduation

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I'm completing my degree in mechanical engineering here in Brazil. My thesis for obtaining the title of engineer will be based on the installation of a supercharger in my Dodge 1800 Polara (sold in the USA as Plymouth Cricket, and in Europe/Oceania as Hillman Avenger). The point is that in Brazil you only know how to install turbo, and we don't have the supercharger culture, the material about it is scarce. I don't have any supercharger books to support my thesis. I found some articles on Google Schoolar, but nothing deepening with the teachings and care that I must have in the assembly of the same. I need books preferably in .mobi, .epub or .pdf to be able to read. I know there are books for sale on amazon, however, 1 real = 5 dollars, making access to paid material very expensive...
I will use a programmable electronic injection system (speeduino for the price, Fueltech's headquarters is less than 300mi from here, however, it's out of my budget), which will control bypass valves and other systems for pressure control. I also want to create a control ratio on the speeduino based on the ratio of the dynamic compression of the cylinder to the positive pressure of the supercharger. Why not a turbo? Supercharger gives me almost all of its boost instantly, and as my goal is to increase the efficiency of this engine, I need full boost at all times for good control. Thanks for listening!
related pic of my dodge, in the family for over 15 years, it was abandoned and I'm slowly restoring it