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/o/ bros I need help with mein kar

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The car vibrates like a death trap while driving, feels like its coming from the front left. The steering wheel doesn't vibrate excessively, it drives straight, and turning is fine. While parked it is visibly leaning down on the left side. I'm pretty sure it's a suspension issue, but I don't notice any leakage of oil, nothing seems bent, none of the bushings seem torn (pircel, enjoy the quality). The only thing of note is that it's a bit rusty. Subframe looks dandy. I shook the wheel while it was on and jacked up but didn't feel any play. I'm a wagecuck and I don't want to an hero on the way to hell. I scheduled an appointment with a mechanic but they won't look at it until october fucking 7.

2013 ford focus btw.