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Spit flew into your back, you turn around and see a pic.Your reaction?
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Family tree thread

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Hey white cunt
give me a dollar you cunt
give me your fucking shoes
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HQ Trivia CEO and Vine Co-founder Colin Kroll was found dead after an apparent overdose of cocaine and heroin.
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I have to say Brits are the ugliest people I have ever seen

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How can a white race be this fucking ugly literally Slavs look better than them. Plus they have this ewww facial feature I hate which makes them all look like inbred downies
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The Thulean Pill

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>"Christianity is the greatest trick the Jews have ever played."

When did you take the Thulean pill? When will we purge /pol/ of (((them)))?
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Holy shit
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Islam is a chad religion

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Islam is a chad religion
And You cannot deny it
> Muslim man have full control on women
> Muslim woman can’t take your home after After divorce
> She can’t take your car
> She can’t steal’s have your bank account
> Can’t prevent you from seeing your children
> Muslim men can marry 4 women
> If a 15 years old girl start her monthly period and have a developed body a Muslim man can marry her
Prove me wrong
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Do you pay for a woman’s tab on dates?

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>be me
>tricked by cute pictures on a dating app
>6/10 irl 8/10 in her pictures
>pictures were misleading
>know 5 seconds into the date I wasn’t interested
>still proceed to be a nice guy and pay for her and hangout
>tell her I’m not really interested but we can hang and chat
>she never even tries to pay her tab or even mentions it
>knows I’m not interested and yet still allows me to pay her tab
>get home, she texts me
>tell her we discussed this and I’m not interested
>She gets mad talks shit anyways
Do you still pay for women on dates bros? Even if I am interested in a girl, why should I have to pay? What if we don’t last a week? What Jew came up with this scam? Women are whores now a days and try and use guys for free drinks, is this all they amount to? I think I’m done dating for awhile. Dating is a meme now and I fell for it, again
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I’m a conscript in the army, AMA. I’ll answer anything expect stuff that compromise opsec
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