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>Norfolk Southern train with 20 cars carrying Toxic Materials derailed in East Palestine, Ohio and slammed into a Diesel Storage facility owned by Leake Oil Company Inc.
>10 of the 20 contained Vinyl Chloride and as of 24 hours ago the national guard used thermite devices to burn a hole into the bottom of 5 of the remaining that were still burning and then drained the Vinyl Chloride and Phosgene into a ditch lined with flares to purposely burn the material off
>When exposed to heat in an oxygen free environment, Vinyl Chloride thermally decomposes into HCL and Phosgene in a runaway thermal reaction. They have chosen to purposely ignite ALL of the chemicals at once rather than let the thermal reaction continue to take place inside of the train cars until an inevitable and UNPLANNED explosion occurs potentially spreading the Phosgene all the way to DC

>5 railcars x estimated 200,000 lb vinyl chloride per = 1,000,000 lb vinyl chloride combusted into phosgene. The combustion products from vinyl chloride monomer gave 27,000 ppm HCl, 58,100 ppm CO2, 9500 ppm CO, 40 ppm phosgene.
>That's 27,000 lb HCl and 40 lb phosgene pumped into the troposphere. I'm now more concerned with the HCl concentration and what that means for the rainstorm tomorrow.
>40 lb of phosgene (CG) hit the air. The OSHA exposure limit for workers is 0.1 ppm. So we have 18,000,000 mg of CG and we want 0.1 mg/m3 of it in the air. I'm calculating now.
>That's 180 million cubic meters of atmosphere needed to dilute CG to minimum safe levels for workers (who are only exposed during working hours). Even just at 100 meters of altitude, that's a square about 1500x1500 meters, or 1x1 mile.

>Train was seen on fire in Salem, OH at the Freshmark Meat Processing plant 20.1 miles away from final destination
>East Palestine just had its gas line shut off
>Thousands of Dead Fish = Water contaminated:
>Dead chickens 10 miles out
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Why are they laughing?

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He's a battle hardened veteran who just crawled out of a trench. You Brits are heartless.
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Globohomo fears the Eurasian nationalism

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White nationalism is pretty much dead and Western white people are cucked beyond salvation to ever save themselves and their nations from hands of corrupts and savages so why not embrace Eurasian nationalism where there are trillions of proud East Europeans, Turkics, Persians and East Asians who despise as much as you the globohomo but are more eager to fight against it than Western people.

don't confuse this idea with the nigger lover wannabe soviet rus imperial Duginist ideals
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The nurse is going to say oy vey?

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Uiiiiiii he is going from red to black pill...

In the video alone he said:
>I'm not allowed to report on
>I'm not allowed to say
>I'm not allowed to disagree

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I wish there were an alternative to mainstream media that doesn't buy into fear-based virtue signaling and creates content from the heart while telling society to go fuck itself

4chan is all we have and who knows how long that will last
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HABBENING: Ukrainians film themselves executing POWs

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At this point Russia should have a no surrender policy like they did with ISIS
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Is coffee good or bad?

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I'm about a week free from the dark bean water jew. I'm dreaming again. I'm hungry for lunch again. I feel better/different. What gives?
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Colorado woman arrested after giving Tinder date oral sex, tying him up, and then ordering food.

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"Right-wing" has been ruined

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>Mfw normies think "right-wing" means libertarian capitalist
Why are literal fascists lumped together with people like BEN SHAPIRO?

Capitalism is not an essential feature of a right-wing society, and libertarianism is in fact LEFT-WING.