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Monday Night QANDA.

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Get in here Ausfags! It's time for bingo!

Watch with us:
> [Embed]
>also on FB for the desperate @ ABCQanda

Monday 15th Oct 2018.

Panellists: Jeffrey Sachs, American economist; James Bartholomew, Journalist and author; James Paterson, Liberal Senator for Victoria; and Terri Butler, Shadow Minister for Young Australians and Youth Affairs.

If you want to tweet along use the hashtag #qanda like always for comments and your chance to be picked for the small screen. You can also add #factcheck for anything suss the panel members say.
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Where does Jesus go on the political compass? Keep in mind he was an immigrant that believed in helping the poor and loving all people.
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/ptg/ PRESIDENT TRUMP GENERAL || Monday Morning News Edition

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>b-but Trump hasnt done anything!

TrumpTV Weekly Updates:

>Bannon: Trump @War re-up 9/28/18

>Pres Trump on 60Min 10/14/18
>NECDir Kudlow on ABCNews 10/14/18
>Pres Trump MAGA Rally in Richmond KY 10/13/18
>WHVideo: Pres Trump Welcomes Home Pastor Brunson 10/13/18
>Pres Trump departs DC 10/13/18
>Pres Trump speaks before departing WH 10/13/18
>Pres Trump meets w/Pastor Brunson 10/13/18
>TrumpWave: Dragon Energy 10/13/18
>Being Melania ABC interview 10/12/18 pt1 pt2 pt3
>Pres Trump MAGA Rally in Lebanon OH 10/12/18
>WHVideo: A Message from Pres Trump on Hurr Michael 10/12/18
>Pres Trump speaks to press in OH 10/12/18
>Pres Trump departs DC 10/12/18
>VP Pence @Republican Party Fall Dinner 10/12/18
>Ivanka will end White Slavery 10/12/18
>Taylor BTFO 10/12/18
>GOPAd: Unhinged Mob 10/11/18

OP pastebin:
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We own the memes of production now, you white niggers!
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>h-h-hurricanes would destroy concrete b-buildings too

>w-wood is a fine material to build out of

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>jews use (((football))) to try and push the myth on normies that nigs are stronger than whites
>best player in history ends up being a white chad
Lmaoing my ass off
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Goy pods

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Is /pol/ ready for pod living?
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I think I just stumbled upon a merchant

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My Jew-radar isn’t the best. But oy vey, could this be one of the happy merchants?
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BREAKING : Royal Baby Mutt

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