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Why the fuck am I attracted to female SJW's

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I can't really grasp why, is it the primal instinct of less intelligence in a female that I like?
I'm right wing as hell, but to fuck a leftist cutie I'd agree to every bullshit they spew, I do it regularly on parties etc.
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Would you care if your ex had been with a black guy?

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People are laughing at this asian boys dm but I think its good to establish if she has racemixed before the relationship continues.
I personally dont care too much but it does slightly bother me.
Wbu? If you met the perfect girl would you break up with her just because she’d been with a black guy once?
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what are the best looking flags of all time. no posting own flag
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>colonize almost the whole world
>steal their natural resources
>sell their people into slavery
>make stupid borders that will lead to multi-ethnic conflict
>after hundreds of years of using their natural and human resources leave them unprepared for independence
>just leave like nothing happened after denying them of years of education and economic growth

>create independent multiethnic countries with no intelectual elite to lead them resulting in war lords taking power
>war happens pushing their countries into more poverty

Damn fucking niggers, why are they so uncivilized???
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Syria General /sg/ - Compass Edition

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>Latest interviews with Assad

>Live MAPS

>Fan maps

>S Syria Jun 19
>SE Syria Jun 19
>Yemen Jun 19
>Libya/Derna Jun 18
>Iraq Jun 5
>Idlib May 31

DevJune 24
>Assad:American presidents are hostages to their lobbies. Trump is a very stark example.Talks with US will be a waste of time
>Daraa:SAA captures 7 towns in the offensive. Russian Aerospace Forces launched over 20 airstrikes across NE Daraa
>Rebels launch fresh attack in SE Daraa
>SDF capture the town of Al-Zhibah after advancing from nearby Tal Safouk, meet up with the Iraqi troops at the border of the Nineveh Gov.
>HTS launched missiles towards SAA positions in NE districts of Aleppo. In response SAA hit Kafr Hamra & Al-Layramoun
>N Hama:US-backed militants assault SAA violating the de-escalation zone agreement
>UN chief demands end to escalations in southwest Syria
>Iran media:Rebels receive US-made weapons via border with Jordan
>US tells rebels not to count on its help as Syrian army advances into country’s southwest
>Turkey’s general elections start today
>Iraqi AF kills Baghdadi’s cousin, several IS commanders in Syria
>IS releases new video, gives Iraq 3 days to release their women or they will execute 6 prisoners
>US accuses ‘unknown force’ of targeting troops near Al-Tanf
>Houthis attacked several positions of the KSA-led coalition, destroying 11 armored vehicles

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How do we solve the Cat problem?

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Cats are destroying the native fauna of the white mans homeland

>Cats are thought to be primarily responsible for the extinction of 33 species of birds, and the presence of feral and free-ranging cats makes some otherwise suitable locations unsuitable for attempted species reintroduction''

>Wipes out your native reptile population


>Starts murdering its way through your small mammal population


>Starts taking a bite out of your beautiful birds - their populations already squeezed by human expansion.

Come on Whiskers! Come sit on mummies lap!

>Spreads toxoplasmosis across the nation.

What are you doing to stop these African invaders from destroying your people and the native animals of your nation?

Don't be a twat. Smash that cat.
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Turkish Elections 2018

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Polls have opened across Turkey in a snap vote as President Recep Tayyip Erdogan faces his biggest electoral threat in 15 years of rule.

continued from >>176272627
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> tfw another Jewish plot
> tfw it's fags who are submissive
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Post Kangz and Kweenz doin Royal Acts

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