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The coming eclipse

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Okay guys. Hear me out. I'm generally a very reasonable, rational person. That being said, I have a strange gut feeling about this eclipse... I've seen posts about people having dreams of shtf scenarios in relation to this event.

Major false flag?
Second coming of Christ?
Project blue beam?
Or something good, like mass pedo arrests?

Idk, guys. What are you thinking?
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Boston right now, civil war is happening!!!!

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do you trust in this finnish police man to keep you safe?

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Name a worse way to get your news than a 24 hour news network. I'd like to know.
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So Bannon leaves the WH to start a media war.

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Who pays attention to Breitbart that doesn't already support Trump?

It would be different if he was the head of Faux or something but this seems like a weird explanation.
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Fighting ISIS With Cutness

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Tweeting kittens to hide graphic pictures in order to HELP.
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Full list of antifa members

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Fire with fire. Semper fidelis.

Fannie Madden-Grider: Former professor at Morehead State University

Xenia Madison: -kikebook / xeniamadison Resist cover photo

Neal Madnick: Sanford H Calhoun High School teacher

Alexis Maestre-Saborit: Massage Therapist Fort Myers, Florida

Jane Maestro: Fundraising Manager at New Hope Charities (((education: Tel Chai, Israel))

F. Rachel Magdalene: Progressive activist, Hillary lover, fascism & Trumpenfuehrer/GOP resister, Bible scholar, legal historian, attorney, pastor, mom. -her twitter

Rudresh Mahanthappa: New York-based jazz alto saxophonist. Apparently he's "world renowned".

Scott Mahler: Director, Digital Immerison at Arizona State University

Ava Mailloux: Greater NYC area, self proclaimed writer. "How to talk to your Girlfriend after She Get Groped in a Bar" - Shark Reef Magazine

Donna Malamud: Volunteer Coordinator at Kids in the Spotlight, Inc. Greater LA area. Video entitled "Until We All Have Healthcare" vimeo / 7095708

Jerry Malamud: Political Activist & Occupyer in San Diego & Coachella Valley. Also on kikebook and twitter

Dominique Malaquais: Ph.D. Columbia University, New York City. Movie entitled "Men From Nowhere" where she played herself. A story about a French holocaust survivor with PTSD.

Frankie D. Mallis: Professor, English. Arcadia University. Children's Fantasy Writer

Christine Mallory: Ms. Christine Mallory serves as Vice President of Finance at AllClear, was also former CFO at BlueSpace Software Corp. Lives in Texas.

Aaron Managhan: Office Assistant at South Puget Sound Community College.

Carl Manaster: Bioinformatics Programmer, ActivX Biosciences. Carl Manaster is a liberal political activist. He's been programming computers for over twenty years. - scrumalliance period org.

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>the absolute state of /pol/eddit
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Catholicska Polska!!!

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>2nd most free country in the world
>no Islamic terrorist attack
>almost everyone is christian

good place for a christian family to raise their christian religion
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