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Daily reminder that the word elite literally means follwer of Moloch

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>The Hebrew form (אל) appears in Latin letters in Standard Hebrew transcription as El and in Tiberian Hebrew transcription as ʾĒl. El is a generic word for god that could be used for any god, including Hadad, Moloch,[25] or Yahweh
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quran being burned live.
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Milo Tries to Defend Himself and youtube immediately delists the video and warns against sharing it if you click on the like button. How 1984 is this shit?


The video no longer appears on his channel. You have to know the direct link to see it now.
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How bad are drivers in china these days in T1 cities? Have they improved their manners in the past 10 years?
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/odg/ Oroville Dam General - "It Rises!" Edition

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>What happened so far
- Main spillway got damaged - because of no maintaining - because Cali thought that they will never have that much water again - because of Muh Climate Change. And they needed the money for illegals.
- They closed the main spillway to inspect the damage, water went over the emergency spillway
- Emergency spillway was in even worse condition and it got BTFO pretty bad
- They opened the main spillway again, so that water doesn't go over the emergency spillway any longer
- Main spillway gets slowly BTFO and half of it is gone. But it is stable at the moment.
- They try to "repair" the emergency spillway because if rain hits hard, water will go over it again and rek it even more

> Be careful! There is plenty of old footage marked as livestream!

>Don Pedro Dam's spillway set to be used for first time since 1997

> Update from AccuWeather
> Hourly Waterlevel
> Pictures
> Webcam from the wrong side
> RainRadar
> Reservoir Condition
> Wind Map
> All reservoir levels
> Simulations of flooding
> 48-Hour Rolling Data Plot

Previous Bread:
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Biological Sex is a Social Construct

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The left is now arguing that Biological Sex is a social construct. I'm conflicted.

On the one hand, this could be a sign of desperation in their vain attempt to defend transgenderism as anything other than a mental illness. On the other hand - this could just be a furtherance of the slippery slope, and may end up being accepted in 10-15 years time to the same extent gay marriage is today.

What do you think /pol/? Will the argument that Biological Sex is a Social Construct gain traction?
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Who is David Sirota? Start Digging anons.

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Infographic related.

David Sirota is the guy that runs ShareBlue.

He is a recurring character in a show that just showed pedo symbols in a kids arcade on national television less than a week ago.

We need to figure what's up with this chickenfucker. Start digging lads.
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Doesn't seem very fair now, does it?
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>socialized healthcare doesn't wo-
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