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How accurate is this /pol/?
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Anti-atrocity propaganda

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Debating the socalled holochaust which means whole burnt offering and the ridiculous stories surrounding it that are clearly larps and atrocity propaganda against german people that they insist on peddling for now 70 years straight. Eventhough the gassing and mass cremation of 6 million jews didn´t happen. Not even gassing and cremation of 2 million jews. No some jews died during war of disease and old age and starvation. And some jews were killed or executed. But in very very low numbers compared to the claim. And the actual atrocities that were committed by the soviets against their own people, things like the holodomor and ofcourse the massive civilian casualties of germany, and on all sides making the death toll 80 million in total where it was for the jews maybe 1-2 million if even that. Eventhough they were hated by the nazi's. This the jew larp and try to inflate this to zeppelin size claiming it´s the worst tragedy that happened in history. Eventhough just in poland and Czechoslovakia earlier, 15 million germans were ethnically cleansed. Just for example. Even the cambodians slaughtered and starved by the khmer rouge were more than the jews that died during entire wwII. Yet due to jews making up these insane stories about it. Which we will discuss in this thread some examples of. Jews managed to pilfer. Their own nation israel which they took from palestineans. The claim that they are immune from criticism. And holochaust reparations from the german government for the rest of their lives for something that never happened. This is obviously bullshit and has to stop. Nobody else who were ever ethnically cleansed, and in larger numbers ever gets these things!
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Famous ancestor thread

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Who are your famous ancestors or most famous ancestor
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Why do I, a black khv incel redpilled male, feel so emotionally connected with some random white guy's sudoko?

I shouldn't feel empathy, especially since he's white, and yet somehow what he did resonates with me

What the fuck is wrong with me /pol/...?
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/cg/ - Catholic General

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The purpose of this thread is to provide a place for general Catholic discussion. Mass, readings, rosary - everything that is connected with the faith.

Other denominations welcome, although we politely ask you to keep the arguments about our theological differences in other threads.

Useful links:

>Official Vatican website
>Today's readings
>Papal encyclicals
>Catholic encyclopedia online

>Summa Theologiae of St. Thomas Aquinas online
>How to pray the rosary
>Divine Office (liturgy of the hours)
>Little Office of the Immaculate Conception

>Catholic Encyclopedia
>Documents of Vatican II
>Laudate App
>Recommended Movies
>Recommended Books
>Recommended Music
>Beauty of Creation
>Tales of Love and Virtue
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Brit/pol/ - Scottish Aristocratic Beauty Edition

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>Cricketer Ben Stokes found not guilty of affray

>Parrot swears at London firefighter trying to rescue it from roof

>Why Brexit is getting laughs at the Edinburgh Fringe

>Palace considering a ‘more aggressive’ strategy towards Meghan’s father

>Teenage Satanist 'confesses' to burning down 250-year-old wooden church

>Entrepreneur, 25, dies as he's hit by tree

>All this Islamophobic bigot Boris Johnson deserves is to be forgotten

>Brexit will ruin the lives of British citizens in Europe. We deserve a vote
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Are persians white?
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Is she right, /pol/?
Have antifa beaten the white nationalist movement and the alt-right?
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What is most important to you: race, ethnicity, religion, or country?
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What makes you think it's OK to make women into sex objects?

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Real or fiction, doesn't matter. If you make women into sex objects, you lack respect for them.Since every human is equally worth according to UN, that means you're not living up to international standards.

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