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Why are 4chan users so vile?
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Start prepping you niggers

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>hyperinflation coming
>imminent collapse in China (major banks failures recently)
>West imports great part of its products from China
>Boris Johnson has already warned shelves could get empty

GET. PREPPED. RIGHT. NOW. You have been warned.

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What are the political implications concerning the....

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Distinct and tangible LACK of centrifugal force on Earth's surface. If we are indeed sitting on the surface of a massive sphere that's spinning at 1000 mph at the equator, a strong and easily measurable centrifugal force would be experienced. Things would seem to weigh significantly less at the equator vs in Finland because Finland is spinning much slower than Equitorial Guinea. What would the Earth's Elite rulers stand to lose if a massive global awakening were to happen, if the world suddenly stood up and said "we don't believe you" to global oppression complex? How would this knowledge alone change anything? All opinions welcome. Pic rel
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New Tik Tok trend is empowering women

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“A new Tik Tok trend is sweeping the nation with young women announcing the amount of men they have slept with. With the imitation of a “carfax” women are shedding society’s view on sexuality and proudly announcing to the world how many sexual partners they have had. The future is definitely female!”

Just saw this on Twitter, wtf is going on?
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What are the political implications of normies being obsessed with social media?
All my new classmates keep asking me
>do you have facebook
>oh, do you have instagram
>oh, do you have snapchat
>No. Listen, I don't have a smarpthone but if you want here's my landline. See you later.

The look of disbelief on their faces is incredible, especially the women. The men are usually just like
>oh bro that's pretty cool yeah I'll call you see you around
whereas girls are like
>OMG how do you even survive without social media
>that's so weird
>but like how do you go out with your friends and stuff
>gosh I can't even imagine how bored I would be if I coulnd't mindlessly scroll for five hours after I binged Netflix

This world is going to shit, bros. I don't know how I didn't realize it, it feels like I fell asleep in 2005, and only just woke up. Oh wait wasn't I 5yo in 2005? Shieeeeet time passes.

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Abandon new lighting tech. Return to incandescent.

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LEDs and CFLs are a plot to rob you of flicker-free full spectrum light, damaging your health, eyesight, and mental well-being. Not only are these new technologies terrible to look at, but they give off radio frequency interference. And despite the lies on the packages, they don’t last nearly as long as incandescent bulbs.
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So /pol/, have you taken the raw fish pill yet ?

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Is good for u n low chance of getting sick :)
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Rich nations must increase climate support funds, says Boris Johnson
>Boris Johnson has renewed his call for richer countries to increase financial support to poorer ones fighting the effects of climate change. Speaking at a UN gathering in New York, the UK PM said he was "increasingly frustrated" at support offered to countries hit hard by global warming. He added many richer economies had pledged "nowhere near enough". A longstanding promise to give $100bn (£73bn) a year to poorer countries has not yet been met. Some 100 world leaders are meeting at the UN General Assembly this week, ahead of a key UN climate conference hosted in Glasgow next month. Mr Johnson said "history will judge" countries who "lacked the courage to step up" once the Glasgow conference, called COP26, has finished.

US opens up to fully vaccinated travellers
>The US is easing its coronavirus travel restrictions, re-opening to passengers from the UK, EU and other nations. From November, foreign travellers will be allowed to fly into the US if they are fully vaccinated, and undergo testing and contact tracing. The US has had tough restrictions on travel in place since early last year. The move answers a major demand from European allies, and means that families separated by the restrictions can be reunited.
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/PBG/ - PureBloods General #2

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PB General

Just say no to the clot shot and shun MudBloods.

Stand strong, we can ride this out until all MudBloods are gone. The clot shot kills.
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