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Alex Jones isn't lying this weekend and neither is Q
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Why are do many here muslim lovers and gay?

How can you not support Israels right to defend itself against ISLAMIC INVADERS

Israeli girls are even white of nature
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The German word for DEBT is the same as for GUILT

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Why do Anglos like debt so much? Here in Germany, many Germans rather cut off two fingers than take out a loan. There are only two types or “debt” which are accepted by Germans, one is mortgages on houses (because we don’t call them debt, but HYPOTHEK, essentially “mortgage” which is technically wrong to say, as the mortgage is just the collateral part of the debt) and the other is car leases (which are technically not debt under certain contract conditions).
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Come home white man

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>cheap housing
>no refugees
>people are friendly
>arable and great soil
>wheat fields
>lots of aryan QTs
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The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God."
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What should we do with pedophiles?

>Psychiatric evaluation

My opinion: kill in case of brutal rape cases and serial child rapists, castration & psych. evaluation in case of "smaller" sexual assaults

Public register where paedos are listed is necessary.
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meme warfare

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what have you done /pol/
>my fucking sides
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Looks like nigger culture is skyrocketing in Germany...


It's almost like importing a ton of shitskins makes your country/culture shittier! Who would've thought!
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Disprove this image.
>protip : u cant
>inb4 toastie roasties and white knights start piling in :^)
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>new Pewdiepie video
>at 4:50 he clearly says "shilled"
>pic related
I'm fucking clueless at this point. What is his endgame? For how long does he plan to hide his powerlevel?
How can we know that he didn't reveal it already and his editors are just keeping it from the audience?
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