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How are you preparing for the next bubble?

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I think this will change capitalism forever
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They're coming for us, /pol/
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Has anyone here been to prison? Can you tell me what it's like? I'm doing research for a class assignment and I need stories
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Someone wanna tell me how they awarded the hero in a room that doesn't exist?

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On this page you'll find the "award ceremony" for Jesus Campos given to him for heroism which supposedly happened on October 10th.



Look at this image specifically:


That photo was taken at Jean Georges Steakhouse at the Aria. Notice the texture on the walls. The LCD Panel in the back. The chandelier.

This photo was taken in the same room in 2013.



Why is this a problem? Because this steakhouse was completely and totally remodeled in July of this year.


I've looked at hundreds of pictures of this place. There are no traces of the old decor whatsoever and the only area that can possibly be that old room looks absolutely nothing like what it used to.


So tell me, how did Jesus Campos' union have an award ceremony on October 10th in a room that no longer existed as of July this year?
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Pizza Gate

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Hey all, my roommate doesnt believe pizza gate is real. Can anyone point me to info-graph of compiled evidence?
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Why do Conservashits inadvertently vote against their own best interests?

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Why do right wing retards STILL believe in trickle down economics?

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should we execute people who suffer from depression?
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How do we reverse the destruction of nature? Say what you will about the Indians, but they had a land ethic greatly superior to our own.
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Risk thread, let's go boiss. Post your nations name, color, and maybe throw in a flag for flair
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