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> when you 4D chest your own mom
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Trump's Proposed "Muslim Ban"

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Okay guys I'm seriously curious, do Americans actually want to ban ALL Muslims from entering America?

Now me I used really hate Islam and the whole jazz when I used to live in backwards shit town in rural Ontario. But I'm at university in the GTA and met a lot to Muslims here.

Seriously they're just like me and you. And the Muslim women Jesus they're so hot.

Pic related

Muslim women are highly attractive and sought after. I know one Arab girl with really pale skin and she's busty, she's like an angel. Seriously I'm trying to snag a Muslim girl friend they're seriously hot. They're also very family orientated and have traditional values...
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Ski Mask guy from last night. We're coming in hot tonight with a 4-man crew, a DJ deck and one of us is disguised as a liberal cuck. If we can properly set it up, I will be DJing from the top of a friend's car (in frame if we can park there).

We're not going for anything overtly pro-trump, we're just going to stay neutral so we can meme them as long as possible before getting tossed out.

However, subliminal music choices are welcome. Shadilay will of course be on the list as well as Sandstorm and some oldies.
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>married woman says she's pregnant
>I automatically assume it's not the husband's

Am I too cynical?
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>be boy scout
>go to naval academy
>be navy intel
>get law degree from Harvard
>join CIA
>learn 7 languages
>become case officer
>become regional director
>8 tours of hot zones
>catch bad guys and bust secrets all day
>have to come in on saturday
>this fuckin retard walks in
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Cucks gonna cuck
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I don't get it, what rights do woman not have? what the fuck are they marching for?

I feel like woman just want something to complain about something and the cucked men that follow just want to fuck the insecure bitches.

Please explain.
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are beards really attractive to women?

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so, ive grown a beard. a pretty big one by now.
its been about 9 months of growth.

but when i look back at pictures of myself with stubble, im not really sure what looks the best.
here are the positives ive noticed with my beard:
>it gets attention. lots of attention.
>for some reason, people start looking up to me. mostly guys. its weird. its like they get fascinated by me or something, and often ask me for advice on stuff.
>i feel better about myself. there is a security about being able to hide some of your facial emotion within the beard. i may come off as more secure.

and here are the downsides:
>maintenance. not really an issue, but it takes time.
>kissing, eating, etc with the beard is hard. i have very full lips (not a nigger), so i keep my moustache short because it looks better on me, but its still a mess.

i havent really tried anything with any women these past months, but i have some issues.
i was talking to a girl on tinder (pic on tinder was me with stubble) and told her i had a beard now. she told me she wasnt really that into beards. long story short, she wasnt that interested in me with the beard.

and sure, people like different things. some people only fuck donkeys but hey.
but it made think that beards might be more of a fetish for some people than an all-round hot accessory like say stubble. almost all women love stubble.
i feel so much more comfortable in my beard, but i dont want it to ruin my sexappeal.

a lot of guys cant grown beards so they start hating on them, and lots of women dont even know guys who can grow a beard, so its not a part of the world they are used to.

ive gotten compliments on it from women while drinking, but then again. is it just a fetish for the minority?

or do most women find beard attractive, but its a bigger dealbreaker than, say, stubble?
i also prefer younger women, and im not sure what they think of it.

im std free. had sex with 56 women in my life. im 26 years old.
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