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I'm a Non-Racist Race Realist

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I believe different races and cultures exist, and this leads to different outcomes for the respective societies these groups build. The following is true:

70% of Blacks are shit
50% of Mestizos are shit
30% of Whites are shit
5% of East Asians are shit

However, I hate all shit equally, irregardless of color, and there's plenty of shit from each race to go around.
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Comfy plates thread

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Which state has the best plates?

Canadians welcomed as probationary posters; we have a leaf blower if you can't behave.
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Let's pretend 50-100 pollacks moved out of their PC, faggy countries and went to Chile.

-Pooled resources and constructed a settlement (or bought an entire street and walled it off)
-Treat it like a cult where only our members allowed in (e.g. white men/women only) for 'religious' purposes, as well as lowly Chile sows for us to breed and grow our numbers
-Gang up like niggers and patrol our local area vigilante justice style

What would our tribe look like initially/as time went on, and how would we avoid kikery from infiltrating our settlement with degenerate culture/weakness
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Esalen HAI Global, Pedogate

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New thread

"DONALD JAMES HAMRICK - Possible CIA connection

Frontiers of Science Fellowship (F.O.S.F.) was founded by Donald James Hamrick (born December 13, 1935), in 1967. The fellowship was initially located at Redwood Drive, in San Rafael. The Harbinger facility was located on 1,085 acres, in Lake County, California, about 100 miles north of the San Francisco Bay Area.

The extremely rural isolated area would have provided a perfect location for activities like those alleged to have taken place by commenters on Harbin's social media who describe sexual abuse as well as CIA activities involved with mind control.
Don Hamrick, as a pilot, flew a Cessna Twin C1J from one destination to another, 23 - 24 times per month, for a sold year and a half, from 1967 to 1969. He was usually accompanied by Owen Jones, one of the three directors, for Frontiers of Science Fellowship

With his physics background, Hamrick had previously been responsible for the research and development, and the patent filing, of a number of highly sophisticated medical, musical (sound, switching), and machining apparatus and methodologies. They were filed in relation to the Syndyne corporation which Hammrick owned, but later sold."

h ttps://steemit.com/news/@whitedeer9217/ra-anon-esalen-ring-pedophilia-tied-to-hai-global-harbin


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Ask me almost anything
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is he dead?
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What will start WWIII?

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Thankfully, we have not dealt with a "world war" (at least in terms of losses in scale to the last 2 world wars) in this generation yet.

But many think it is inevitable. What do you think will start it?
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>mfw history repeats itself
>EU is the new Weimar
>arabs will be the new jews
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Racial differences in intelligence

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What causes Africans to be less intelligent than Europeans?
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Donald Trump Won the Election...ummm try again - Hillary WON!!!

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>Donald Trump won the election

umm, no sweetie. Hillary WON the popular vote by 3 million votes. So, as a democratic nation, we should respect the results that Drumpfy lost by 4 million votes. we can't let the 5 million votes against Zlompf go to waste. if you're perfectly fine with a candidate being president even though he lost by 6 million votes, then honestly you're a racist, sexist, homophobic, islamaphobic, rapist, child molesting, misogynist inbred piece of shit

>hillary won the election by 10 million votes
>stumpf only won because of russian hacking and fake news
>badumpf is the most unpopular president of all time
>hillary is running again in 2020
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