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Chinese century is coming and we need to smarten up

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honestly, it seems like the chinese century is coming no matter what and they'll control our economies and maybe even colonize our countries
so, with this in mind, what are the options? fight to the death (which means we'll die and go extinct or forced to live in reservations), fight until they side with muslims and we're thrown out (like happened to zoroastrians) or be smart about it and join them while we can so we keep control of our countries?
seems like the third choice is the smart choice, and instead of going extinct or enslaved we can join the chinese gene pool so we live on through them

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Italian Leader calls for MASS CLEANSING

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You motherfuckers are going to get my family deported or killed, you fucking fascists.
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Diversity is our strength!
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Kraut/pol/ & AfD General - Schweden Edition

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>Meme Collections

>Enemy intel - Dönermann's Discord leaked

>What do
Create Memes, spread Memes, attack the narrative.
Join AfD or IB or Einprozent; counter subversion.
Get /fit/.
Spread flyers and stickers.
Discuss politics with people; call attention to the Unrecht.

>English language analysis

>Self improvement (Basic bodyweight workout) (No excuse for being fat)

>Counter culture

>Get active

>AfD rekking shitlibs in the Reichstag (english sub)

>AfD speeches in Bundestag (german)

>Einzelfall map

>Kraut/pol/ OP pasta

>A f D W A V E
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/brg/ Boston Rally General: Fuck CNN Edition

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On Aug 19th, the 2nd free speech rally will be held in the Boston Common on 139 Tremont St from 12pm-5pm.
In light of the recent attacks on the First Amendment of the United States Constitution, the Free Speech Movement is gathering in Boston to reassert their right to the most basic necessity of civil society. Libertarians, conservatives, traditionalists, classical liberals, Trump supporters or anyone else who enjoys their right to free speech are encouraged to attend.
Come and listen to our speakers (list will be out soon), come to network and befriend others who share your views, come for good food, and come to stand up against ANTIFA terrorism.
8/19/2017 12PM-5PM
DO NOT: Any illegal weapons in the State of MA.
DO NOT: Come planning to instigate violence. Any fights must be strictly defensive.
DO NOT: Behave in a manner that makes you look bad.
DO: Arrive as early as possible.
DO: Bring flags and signs with poles.
DO: Bring water and food to share to make friends.
DO: Livestream, Film, and Photograph everything
DO: Get the message out there!
Items To Bring
-Umbrella+raincoat (just in case)
-Sensible shoes or boots
-Normal clothing.
-Creative signs or banners
-Flags with poles [Bring multiple if you can!]

Discord: JVBUeg6
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TDS308: Chicken Libel

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Alright paycucks, you know what to do. Poast a link to the .mp3 for us broke niggaz

>inb4 kike enoch trsodomites blah blah blah

featuring Special Guest Mr. Larry Ridgeway
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Why do people unironically want communism?
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New Daily Shoah TDS306 TDS 306

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The time has come paylords. Please bestow upon us peasants the newest episode of The Daily Shoah.
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there have always been occult jews

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Who knows, maybe they think they're doing a good thing because our god is a false god, so to blaspheme against him is a mitzvah

More on occult Jews ITT. ((Abramovic)) is the tip of the ice((berg))
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