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Poppy Queen of Pol?

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Leak confirms Poppy thinks male feminists are bitches.


Here's her YouTube accounts if you don't know who she is:
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T_d newfags are confirmed better than /pol/ oldfags

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T_d Newfags have another based black guy

Checkmate /pol/
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Degeneracy must be stopped
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Does your car look like this?
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Trump invites mass murderer Rodrigo Duterte to White House

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Another burgeoning scandal.
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The Great Get

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Here comes the greatest GET in the history of /pol/. 123456789.
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Is the Trump audio leak the biggest leaked scandal in US presidential elections ever?

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Nintendo Switch Outsells PS4 & Xbox One in March. After a short release, Nintendo kills popular NES Classic console. Ghost discusses virtual girl friends, virtual reality and robotic sex dolls. And of course, Radio Graffiti! The Saturday Night Troll Show is NOW 3 hours thanks to the sale of Mah Keeds merch. Your calls, Twitter/Gab shoutouts and Radio Graffiti.

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How do we deal with the nu-male problem?
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