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Serbia hate thread

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Is depression one of most dangerous disease of our modern world ?
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WHITE Miocic dominates NIGGER Ngannou to set UFC record

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All right boys. Let's face the truth here. We very well may be in another ruse. Trump appeals to everyone with a strong dislike for everything truly wrong with this country - especially elite pedophilia. This is a very large amount of his voter base. It's in the fucking millions. Q followers are in the fucking millions. It's a very serious issue and at no point in history has there been more people redpilled than there is now. That being said...

We need to face the very real possibility that this is all by design. Every fucking slide thread you see, the "alt right vs alt left" paradigm that we see day in and day out. The fucking nazis. The fucking trannys. The fucking basedboys. The fucking trumptards. All of these buzzwords. Every dialog we see here every day, day in and day out - it very well could all be by design. Make no fucking mistake about this. Google, Amazon and the NSA namely (which likely all work together, willingly) could simply extrapolate social data from the endless sources it collects from and design ways to direct social discourse by the millions.

Believe me. It's fucking taking place right here right now on the chans. Make no fucking doubt about it. The worst part? It's likely infected most of us. We all have defended Trump vehemently. I know this - for a fact, as I have done so myself countless times. Make no mistake - the only President I would rather have would have been Rand Paul. Could you imagine a world where Ron Paul was President from 08-16? Could you FUCKING IMAGINE that? This would be a RADICALLY better nation and world.

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Israelis are the weakest humans on Earth.

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>French police in the city of Toulouse are on the hunt for four suspects involved in the gang rape of a 19-year-old girl that was filmed and broadcast on Snapchat.

>The gang rape took place in the car park of the nightclub Balma on Sunday evening with investigators identifying the victim as a local 19-year-old on Tuesday

> at least one of the men involved is also heard telling another suspect not to record the attack saying, “Stop filming, it’s a rape (…) it’s a rape, it’s a rape,”

>according to the public prosecutor of Toulouse, none of the men involved in the gang rape has been identified but social media users on Twitter have speculated on the identities and backgrounds of the suspects.
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SonOfNewo Still Attacking James Fields

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SonOfNewo, the main promoter of the theory that James Fields is a guilty government killer (perhaps brainwashed) swore that, as proof of his theory, James Field was going to be getting a sweetheart plea deal last spring.

It never happened.

Instead, the prosecution actually UPGRADED the charge from 2nd to 1st degree murder, and the federal government has charged him with "Hate Crimes". Both courts carry the death sentence.

The trial is now 8 days away. Not one to admit error, SonOfNewo is now claiming that the fact that Fields WILL go on trial rather than cop a plea is proof of his retarded conspiracy theory.

This is global warming astrology faggotry.

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This literally just happened, last night.

Girl was probably drunk, and got raped by a pack of Maghrebis.

No further info on that.
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'As a black woman I'm always fetishised': racism in the bedroom

In a Bedfordshire nightclub, white couples queue to have sex with black men. Meanwhile, black women are routinely snubbed on dating sites. Why do racial stereotypes persist when it comes to sex?

>tldr, many white women want to be blacked.com,but why nobody want black women??
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Tip about Fields in Charlottesville

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Can't go into too much detail, but J. A. Fields was supposed to be gravely injured in Charlottesville. He was to be directed toward the intersection. There were supposed to be two vehicles stopped there already. Fields would be forced to come to a stop behind those vehicles. Two assets in the crowd were to then extract Fields from his vehicle and deliver near fatal injuries.

Many of you noticed anomalies when you watched footage of the event. You are half correct. The "psyop" was for our benefit and Fields was supposed to be a martyr. The administration was to use the event as a pretext. Search warrants issued for protest leaders. You get the idea. Taking the wind out of them before the holidays. Fields turns out to be a resilient character, nobody quite expected him to hit the pedal and reverse out of harm's way.

Anybody's guess what will happen next, but expect more flag weather. Take care guys.

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