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Anie Hall

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Anie Hall Vancouver, BC, Canada
Message: " If you are not careful I am going to have to alert all authorities in your area of your suicidal and self harming statements going on right now, I hope you like and enjoy it. I forward everything on you to my contact
Steph_Anie_At_The_Terrace: Vancouver, BC, Canada Posted at 1:30m 6/27/18
Message: I never knew you Peter I never gave this information to any Peter. You are hallucinating and just as fucked in the head as your father was. Good thing he died nine years ago. You are a disgusting stalker creep who more than likely shits himself as you sit in that chair and you must have some sort of mental disability or retardation. I feel sorry for you and pray for anyone who has to wipe your shit smeared ass and will have to lift your twisted and contorted body. And I told you earlier you will never be able to please a woman. And when your fellow stalker mother dies, be prepared to sit in your own piss and shit and endure bed sores everyday.
Neither I or any woman will ever touch that contorted disgusting body of yours.”
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When will we achieve transhumanism?

Should society focus on science and technology?
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/ptg/ -PedoTube General- Exploited children on YouTube.

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Last night there were several threads discussing the exposure and destruction of child exploitation and CP on YouTube. This is a continuation of those threads. These people MUST HANG. These threads WILL NOT STOP BEING MADE until these sick fucks are taken care of.
This channel is part of a group of pedos on YouTube who exploit children.
>Playlists (pic related) are named like a CP folder.
>Liked Videos have kids in underwear doing 'yoga poses'.
>600 subscribers and no videos uploaded.

>Information on exploitation.

Instance of a targeted child: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRQ2ppoEz8o0CRHVsjV46cg
Instance of member in "the network": https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCvgotD5vnqZ-dFG-XXn7cZw

>Examples of exploitation.

>CP ring member - Cil Tob.

>CP Ring Member - Bear.

>CP Ring Member - Catatau.

>CP Ring Member - Mike Young.

There are thousands more. Alex Jones cannot be punished and these kid fuckers go unnoticed. The site's mods ignore hundreds of reports regarding children livestreaming for reasons of profit. Ads geared towards children. With 80% of U.S. children ages 6 to 12 using the site daily and over 50% viewing time occurring on mobile devices, there is an unending video service tailoring to scum. But the damning part is it goes unchecked.
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Fuck SJWs, Fuck the Left, fuck Liberals, Fuck anti gun marches, and fuck you if you agree or are one of these things.
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>'I get a second chance at life': Suicide survivor who shot herself in the face becomes youngest person ever to receive a face transplant at 21 in historic 31-hour operation
>Katie Stubblefield tried to take her own life in March 2014 with a rifle
>At 18, she shot herself in her brother's bathroom in Mississippi after she'd endured months of gastrointestinal operations, her parents both got fired, and her boyfriend left her for another girl
>She was transferred to three hospitals to stabilize her condition
>In March 2016, she was put on the transplant list; in May 2017, a face was available
>On May 4, 2017, Cleveland Clinic surgeons gave her the face of mother-of-one Adrea Schneider, 31, who died of a drug overdose
>The surgery was the longest face transplant ever performed, and Katie is the youngest recipient
>Now 22, Katie is recovering, learning Braille, and hopes to become a suicide counselor

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#Christian #IRMovement

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How wonderful..
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/pol/ humor thread?
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You may need a glass of water for this one. I'll let you in on a little secret, /pol/.

Black balls are far superior at making semen, being able to hold 4x more than white men. Their sperm is also more dominant, easily beating white sperm, which allows them to always fertilize the egg.

Their cocks are also much bigger, easily able to push their heads right up against the woman's cervix. Allowing their seed to be shot directly into the womb. After they are finished filling the fertile woman, they slowly withdraw their thick shaft and head. This allows them to scrape any other males semen out of the vagina.

Often they will keep the woman pinned down, as a way to make sure no other males attempt to mate. They keep their penis at least partly inside the woman, while holding down her arms. This arouses the women to no end, causing her to have orgasm after orgasm after orgasm. These orgasms pull his sperm even more quickly towards her soon to be fertilized egg.

White women know this, it's completely natural for women to sense the dominant males. Unable to control themselves, their vaginas quickly lubricate in the presence of black men. I mean how could they not? The idea of a huge powerful black man deep inside them, must drive them crazy.

White women long to be filled with black cum, because they know it's superior. They dream of being bent over, with a black man stretching their pussy like no white man could even dream of doing. Watching as all the little white men cower in fear, as the black man claims what's rightfully his. White women are proud to take black mans DNA, and grow their babies inside their round little tummies.

The true purpose of limp dicked keked white males is to serve black men as effeminate castrated sissy maidservants and help raise the next generation of mixed race children to be a super race.
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What did she mean by that?
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The Modern Dark Ages are imminent.

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Technology, the decline of masculinity, over tolerance and race-mixing will result in a state of humanity where the average man will live like a domesticated dog. Confused, not understanding the powers controlling him, too meek to try to change its fate.

Oh, and guess (((who))) will be on top of all of it.

You see, the modern western man’s mind has elvolved (largely because it was forced by the Jew) to believe the laws of nature, most importantly the survival of the stongest and fittest, don’t necessarily have to apply to human nature. This was the default sentiment towards life by every human being, until about the point in time where nations no longer really tried to take land from each other for their own peoples. The jewish religion itself was born during those times, and it was the most effective religion in creating a very powerful nation of peoples, whose nationality was defined not by the borders within which they were born, but rather the religion into which they were born. The Jews are taught to understand that their nation is different than every other nation, and better than any other nation, because they are God’s chosen people, and the entite world is their rightful nation, and the goyim are simply servants put on Earth for them.

While we, modern men, evolved (or devolved) to think the times of “survival of the fittest” are gone, the Jew has not. They are conquering us, making us their slaves. First they get us addicted to the pleasures of modern life by making it our reality that we need money to have everything for happiness, while also controlling money and allowing most of us to breathe through a straw, barely scraping by. Meanwhile? The jew does literally what the fuck ever he wants in the world and robs it of all talent and labor to make life better for himself and himself only.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is how the Jew will separate themselves from all other human beings, and become their overlords.
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