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The Archivist appreciation thread

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He isn't a bot. He's real. He's replied to me numerous occasions

If and when he does post something other than an Archeive link, his posts are substantive and show a brilliant mind at work. A true Renaissance man, interested in books, to politics, to self-development, everything. I saw him talk about the Wim Hof exercise.

He is not doing any of this for selfish reasons. He always turns away personal donations!

Stories, memes, anything related to this mythical figure here are welcomed.
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Say it with me!

President Donald TRUMP

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Houthis have mad marksman skills

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pol maps

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World map after the racewar
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>WMUR.com has learned that the business executive and reality television personality will make an announcement at the Trump Tower in Manhattan on June 16, and he plans to return [to New Hampshire] the following day… All signs point to a Trump declaration of candidacy… Trump has set up a pre-campaign organization, headed by conservative strategist Corey Lewandowski of Windham, and has hired staffers in New Hampshire and first-caucus state Iowa, as well as in South Carolina, where the first primary in the South will be held. Last week, Trump unveiled a 17-member leadership team in New Hampshire.

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Will you remain on the Trump train after Bannon firing???

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For me it depends. Will the position of chief strategist remain intact. If yes, then Trump better put a based right-winger on the position. If it's gonna be a cuck establishment tier democrat I'll leave for ever.
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Unite the Right Rally

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Apparently Stickman and co. are having a "Unite the Right" rally in Charlottesville on August 12. I'm guessing the purpose is to fix the divisions in the right, like the Oathkeepers choking that one guy for having meme signs.

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I have a friend thats lives in kuwait.. his father found out that hes gay and being gay in the middle east is punishable by death.. he would be strung up for the whole world to see.. and i dont want that to happen to him.. he helped me from suaside and i need to save him from there.... please help... i need an army...
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Remove Spencer

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Richard Spencer ruined the alt-right and he will ruin any other movements we try to start by driving away the masses with his portrayal of our ideas. He is fine with others labeling him as a white supremacist and being an open racist knowing well that the public will instantly group him with the neo-nazis making him and our movement hated by everyone. We must be vigilant of people like him as they are one of the most dangerous threats to us. We need to remove this shill from his platform as well as others like him. We need to expose him for who he is, a shill.
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