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Jesus Campos interview (full) on Ellen leaked

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15 month investigation

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So it is going on 15 months of Russia investigation. Is Putin really that powerful in influencing our government? Nothing has leaked about a shred of evidence. Mueller and company are really good at keeping secrets or there is nothing. Or is this a smokescreen to cover up that Comey and Mueller are really cooperating on immunity to Obama/Clinton crimes. This could be a way to save FBI reputation that they so clearly have tried to ruin.
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Get in here

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Name that Rapist (Hollywood edition)

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Reese Witherspoon claims she was sexually assaulted by a director when 16.
She was born in March '76 which would put that encounter in either 92/93.
Here is her filmography:
92 Desperate Choices - DIR: Andy Tennant
93 A Far Off Place - DIR: Mikael Salomon (Guy is from Denmark)
93 Jack the Bear - DIR: Marshall Herskovitz (As Jewish as it gets, first guess would be him)
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Come and watch a Catalan sob video.

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This video is also a direct copy off that other video from the Ukrainian Civil War, or that other one from the Venezuela revolts. This is the propaganda independentists obediently swallow.
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Why does the double standard for promiscuity exist?

>muh gatekeeper argument

Isn't it just as important for men to be selective as women?
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Why does /pol/ despise gays so much?
You guys would team up with feminists if they were against Homosexuality
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Rate me and my gf /pol/

Just finished navy seals training in this pic

Currently on vocation in scandinavia
Im the most alpha on 4chan
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