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Operation Destroy Milo Begins Monday

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FYI the MSM has a huge fucking media onslaught that is set to go live Monday to scorch earth Milo and destroy him via the pedophile label.

I'm part of a mailing list (not giving my real name or the name of the list for the sake of protecting my ass from retaliation) but they have been sitting on the story for a while, because they thought Milo was small fries and wanted to wait until he got big enough a thread to go nuclear on.

The journalists are pissed the fuck off Maher put him on the air and more so, pissed off his book deal had not been revoked (and some are pissed that Milo got a book deal from the same publisher who dropped Zoe Quinn's book, along with a larger signing bonus than most of the publisher's social justice authors).

There are also those who want to hurt him simply as a proxy to hurt Steve Bannon/Breitbart. since their attempts to attack Bannon have largely failed. Not to mention people on the left being pissed off that most people sided with Milo over the rioters. Rioters, that were paid for by Soros through a variety of fronts and laundered through companies that can't be traced back to him.

Expect a steady drumbeat of "Milo is a pedophile" and "Milo must be dropped from CPAC". The later is especially important, in terms of the divide and conquer long game the press is playing: the press wants a civil war with the McCain/Graham wing of the GOP and the Trump/Ryan wing so as to weaken the Republicans in 2018. The overall plan is to make the Republicans fear social shaming from the media and the left more than they do their actual constituents who love Trump, in hopes of regaining the House and enough Senate seats to pull off an impeachment of Trump.
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Why does feminists hate marriage so much?
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>country is 56% white
>army is 99% white

Can some Americuck explain this phenomenon to me?
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What's his name again?
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I've ruined my parents White-Asian degenerate Race-Mixing

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My parents had a story book marriage. My White MRA dad had escaped the bitchiness of White Feminists with his Asian Geisha wife. He had intelligent well-behaved Eurasian sons. All seemed to be going well. Until I became a teenager and found out that all women rejected me because I'm perceived to be an Eurasian male.

Then I vowed to devote my life to destroying my WMAF parents, who had emasculated and humiliated me. My Confucian filial piety went to hell. And my White Dad and Asian Mom were subject to parent abuse from an enraged Eurasian demon.

They are now faced with a totally useless son in his mid-20s. I never leave the basement, since it is in my Asian genes to be a good for nothing Hikki-Mori. I have no social contact, and 0 career prospects. Despite my WMAF parents pissing away thousands to put me through college and grad school. All I do is mock and attack their relationship for the crime of race-mixing.

Now the once storybook marriage of my WMAF parents has been brought to the point of divorce. They are distraught at having such a worthless Eurasian son. I constantly remind them of the better lives they could have lived if they had stayed within their races. I might not be able to destroy every WMAF in the world, but I have destroyed the WMAF that matters most to me- my own parents. They plead with me to get better and get help. But I have no desire to improve my worthless Eurasian life. They beg me to save the marriage I have destroyed. But I will never get married because I'm Eurasian, so why should I preserve the marriage of a White Man and Asian Woman?

TLDR Eurasian son destroyed a WMAF couple who was living the 4chan weeabo dream
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>leave my basement
>society isn't collapsing
>most people seem happy
>see only 3 white women in mixed race relationships, and 8 white men
>see 60+ white couples
>get food in a muslim restraunt
>everyone is polite
>no one tries to rape me or preach sharia
>only unpleasant person i come into contact with all day is a white man
>no hordes of refugees

is everything /pol/ says about the world basically wrong? have i been memed on?
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>The Muslim travel ban, Trump’s most consequential and controversial executive order, lies dead in the courts.
>Trump has achieved no noticeable progress on tax reform.
>The White House is already facing multiple investigations by a Republican-controlled Congress
>the intelligence community investigates possible collusion last year between Trump’s campaign and Russia.
>Trump has appointed just 3 of the 15 required deputy secretary Cabinet positions
>fewer than 40 of the 700 key administration jobs requiring Senate confirmation have been filled
>Trump has not made significant progress on repealing Obamacare or passing an infrastructure bill, both of which were campaign promises
>Trump's bellicose calls with foreign leaders recived widespread mockery
>National security adviser Michael Flynn was forced to resign after just 24 days in the job, and his replacement dropped from contention after watching Trump's shit-tier press conference.

Hey Trumpniks, how exactly is Trump succeeding?
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The persecution of cannabis medicine users is the biggest injustice of our time.
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Is this happening for anyone else? I can only access the page on mobile
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