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Why are Asian women the most desired when they kinda look like aliens compared to other races?
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Would it be possible to place a banana on Big Floyd's grave without being caught?
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>Forced to take womens gender studies course as a general requirement in college
>Sitting in class as women blame white males for all problems in society
>All of the white guys sit there uncomfortably as they are taught of their privilege
>Try to stick up for them despite not being a white male
>Hailstorm of shit flinging

I've always felt that people should be judged singularly, based upon their own accomplishments and merits. It is painful to sit through this every week, but mildly entertaining to see a white person feel uncomfortable in a room full of other white people for being white.
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Are you getting the vaccine?
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We really fucked up, /pol/.

Our meme magic has gone way too far.

Sure, it was fun to post pepe memes, to praise Kek, to make pictures of Trump building the wall and such.

But we really fucked up.

Think about it for a second. No, really. Just for one second.

We just elected a bigoted racist asshole FUCK for President.

But it's not too late. We can still reverse the damage we've done. We just have to act fast.

By protesting and signing petitions like these:


We can still stop Trump from taking the white house. We have to filibuster his arrival with our protests.

I wish you all the best of luck, /pol/ brothers.
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Why is it so difficult for people to understand that if you run around with guns and drugs disrupting productive communities, police will stop you with force and potentially fatal tactics? I see many people that are shocked by the idea that a cop would actually kill another human being to restore law and order.
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Well... will all the cops go on strike.
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SAY HE WAS A NIGGER. That's the only post I found with a face and mentioning race so far.
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Wildlife conservation, thoughts?

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What are the differences between syndicalism and communism?
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