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Can you tell me more about these mcmansions? Why are they so badly designed?
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Trad wives are boring. I do not get why you would want a wife that won't give you a single reason to beat the shit out of her.
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The worms are fucking real!

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WARNING: Plot to Overthrow the US

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The Weather Underground's goal was always to ignite a race war that would usher in communism in the United States. They failed to achieve their goal in the 60's, but their leaders went on to hold extremely influential positions in academia, media, and NGOs. Barack Obama was heavily connected to the weather underground through Bill Ayers, and the WU used Obama's presidency as an opportunity to install all of their own people in various government agencies. Now the weathermen control our government, media, and schools, they're sticking to their plan of sowing racial discord so they can trigger a communist revolution. The weathermen are the ones who have been calling the shots, and they're responsible for all of the insanity in recent years.

Susan Rosenberg, who is a BLM fundraising executive, was a very prominent weatherman. If we trace out the network of their members, we can uncover the plot. Here is a starting point:

Please bump and help disseminate this information before it's too late. The thread keeps getting slid off /pol/.
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White Boy Summer Is Being Used to Push Miscegenation

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WBS is being spread by multiple parties for multiple reasons. But it's pretty clear that there is a faction of people who intends to use it to glamorize miscegenation. Remember that the one and only reason you should pursue women is to marry and make white babies. Anything else is a distraction. By all means, make this a White Boy Summer, but your target is white women, not sheboons. Do not forget this. This has been a PSA brought to you by a concerned anon. Thank you.
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You have 5 seconds to explain why you aren't married with 2.1+ white children yet.
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Covid Insanity Thread

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Feel free to contribute.
Honk with me, frens.
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is isabela merced half white? i think her mom cheated on her dad, she doesnt talk about her dad on her ig lives, her mom is whiter than her....