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Cringy as fuck. Almost all talk like niggers with stupid NYC/Internet fusion slang, and have these retarded eyesore of hair cuts. The girls are either trying to be cardi b or billie eilish. Every generation gets a little bit worse. How bad will generation Z's kids be? At one point thought hipsters were the clingiest and it could not get worse.
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why is Russia still so ass-backwards and dirt-poor? massive territory and population, yet it has a GDP smaller than Italy or Canada, downright pathetic. is it sanctions or what?
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Why aren't we allowed to openly despise them, as we are with say, white people?
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43% of Republicans REFUSE to get vaccinated

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What are we going to do about this?
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The ideal female body

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If you dont like this you might aswell call yourself LGBTQ+ or gay.
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>Biden calls for de-escalation of tensions with Russia following sanctions over unproven charges of hacking & election meddling
>US President Joe Biden called for “dialogue and diplomatic process” with Russia, after ordering sanctions against Moscow for allegedly being behind the SolarWinds hack and interfering in “sacred” elections and American democracy.
>Biden said the proposed summit with Putin “this summer in Europe” was still being discussed with the Kremlin, and expressed hope the US and Russia could “launch a strategic dialogue” that would help advance his agenda on Iran, climate change and the Covid-19 pandemic, among other things. He also expressed hope that Russia would not respond to the US sanctions.
What else can you do but laugh your ass off at such a pathetic display? Biden talked so much shit about Putin. He called Putin a soulless murderer, a tyrant, blah blah blah. He swore to punish Putin for all of the terrible crimes he allegedly committed.
But in one week we see:
>US withdrawing its warships from the Black Sea because it's scared of a confrontation with the Russian Navy
>Biden doing a complete 180 on his chest-thumping, and begging Putin to calm down and talk to him so he can plead for mercy
And how does Putin respond to Biden's desperate calls for talk? By ignoring him, because that's what how you're supposed to react to liars. It's a waste of time to speak with someone like Joe Biden so you should just ignore him and go about your business as you normally would.
>Putin WON’T meet Biden in near future, Kremlin says. Moscow not ruling out talks, but disappointed about new sanctions speculation
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why are bongs like this?

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is it pent up sexual frustration from being in lockdown for too long?`or have they always been this way?
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cringest shit ever seen on this board
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Why are people still fucking vaccinating?

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***this is a serouis thread***
fucking hell my coworker who is only 27 just had a life ending stroke at work today not been a week since the fucking vaccine. I'm freaking because my fucking employer is demanding fucking get this thing. THATS 2 FUCKING PEOPLE I KNOW HURT BY THESE VACCINES

Anyone else seeing similiar shit around them
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Social Media

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Recently got insta-banned from twitter for saying "i hate homosexuals" in a private message. This has been the 3rd time.
What's a good platform where i can voice my fringe political philosophy? Is gab really good or are people just saying that? I need some recommendations.
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