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Corporations should replace government.

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The business world is better fit in handling modern social affairs and issues. Better yet is that corporations are far more receptive to the people as customers vote 24/7 with their dollars.
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20% of men are having sex with 80% of women

80% of men are forced to compete against each other for a tiny pool of extremely low quality high priced women.

>the bottom half of these men occasionally have mental breakdowns and decide the game isn't fair, and flip the board over.

>society is outraged and surprised, millions of articles ask why oh why, how could anyone do this?

>virtually every single shooter writes a manifesto explicitly blaming 20:80, lack of sex and women being the cause.

>even if the guy makes an entire vblog explicitly naming women and writes a 100,000 word manifesto NAMING CHADS AND STACIES the media reports no known motive.
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>8 people now dead, 20 people shot
>shooter killed himself in the end
>according to police scanner, shooter is described as a white male
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Trump is the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election.
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Finland has the highest IQ in Europe yet the lowest amount of Nobel laureates. Explain pol
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Ukraine says: NATO OR NUKES

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/pol/ WEBM thread

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