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2000 years later and still no answer
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How did this board become anti-vaccine in such a short amount of time?

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This board pre-2020 made fun of anti-vaxxers for being retarded and kikeshills while now they are essentially the same. What happened? What changed? And who are we to trust?
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This will be my last /pol/ election bros. I think I'm closing up shop... I'm finished. I don't think my mind can take it anymore. This isn't healthy for me anymore, and I've had my last laugh. Goodluck with your future endeavours.

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What are /pol/'s thoughts on casinos, and gambling in general? Should it be legal?
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>You're not White.

>You will never be White.

>You will always be a shitskin subhuman.

>You're not niggers either, but that still doesn't make you White.

>Your people don't belong in America.

>For every attractive m*xican woman you post there's ten thousand ogres you call women in your country.

>You brag about your people being trad, but nearly all spics who come to America vote democrat.

>We're not going to ally with people that are too stupid and weak to fix their own country.

>Neither you nor c*stizo offspring can keep America alive, let alone strong.

>The children of m*xican American relationships more often than not hate White America and their White ancestry.

>Whatever redeeming qualities you say your race has, they're due to Spanish DNA, and don't outweigh the negatives of your indigenous DNA.

>You guys constantly shill for a m*xican-White American alliance because you know you're dumb and weak and desperately want to be on our level through miscegenation.

>Your larp alliance is nothing but a sugar coated gibsmedat and a coping mechanism.

>Your shill posts aren't fooling anyone. Accept your place on this board, and in the world, or fuck off.

Any questions, shitskins?
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Libtard teacher in discord server plz help me

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Here it is: xDvkKJx
And here's the deal. I live in Canada. Needless to say, I'm a proud Canadian and have great respect for our history. However, the man in charge of this discord server is, needless to say, a fucking libtard. He supports our stupid Prime Minister's shitty immigration policies and other deranged globalist policies. Like, I'm actually so fucking mad rn you have no idea. I'm so sick of hearing his crap every class. So please redpill the shit out of this man and try to teach him some common sense.

I mean, he literally prays to Trudeau every fucking day. Like, what am I supposed to do? I swear, this is the only way to teach this man any kind of common sense without getting my ass suspended. So, if you guys could help, I would very much appreciate it if you make this globalist choke to death on your pills. Thank you.
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Can you still be a neet in 2021?
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Give me one good reason why Ukraine shouldn't have nukes

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I'll wait.
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