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What are the side effects and political implications of being exposed to gore?
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alright it's official, the Vaccine is definitely changing people's personalities

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Originally thought it was an acute effect that would fade, after all, every vaxxer is told he or she may feel tired or worn down for a little while after the first and especially second jab.

well turns out it's much more. I work in a big office space, cubicles, and basically everybody got the jab except for me and two coworkers.

my company basically pressured ppl to get it to come back to work, but didn't make it technically mandatory... so of course all the cucks ran out and got the needle...

most of my coworkers were total npcs before, but it's been like a month and a half since we started returning to work, and something has DEFINITELY happened to them. and it's not just lockdown fatigue or whatever

it's like they are DIFFERENT PEOPLE

First off, there are recurring absences, but nobody will say why. Just the other day, this chick who is normally super exhuberant was just sitting at her desk, staring at the screen.

You can tell something's wrong. Hollow eyes, weird mannerisms, and a general lack of productivity. In fact, there have been complaints from the higher-ups about that.

One coworker who was at least nice and friendly is now on edge all the time. Everybody else is on half-speed, it's eerie.

Call me a LARPer, a fag, I don't give a shit. These ppl were npcs before but they were at least npcs I knew and understood, now they all see... half dead

I wonder if the prion or neurodegenerative theory is happening more quickly than initially thought? for what it's worth, most got the pfizer...
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Who owns biggest porn site? Can you imagine there is no info about that?

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XVideos is a free pornographic video sharing website based in Houston, Texas, USA. It is the most popular pornography website in the world, having overtaken Pornhub as most popular adult video sharing website in November 2010. It also surpassed LiveJasmin, an adult video chat website, in January 2012.

According to Alexa it has been one of the 50 most popular websites on the Internet since early 2013, and currently has about 350 million monthly visitors, with around 29 petabytes of data transferred every month.

It's very hard to find any revealing information about tube sites such as xvideos.

These porn websites are owned by extremely wealthy people.

A whois search of xvideos reveals that the domain is registered in Prague, Czech Republic. While there are a number of legit adult studios producing porn in Eastern European countries, they are more so a hotbed of porn piracy and copyright infringement.
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What kind of girl do you like?
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>the holocaust didn't happen
>Hitler was based because he did the holocaust
Which is it, /pol/?
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Breaking news.

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Will that YouTube shit storm make national news?
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As a spic, it truly does feel like white people are inherently superior to us. How do I cope with this feel?
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I demand an apology!

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My ancestors were forcefully taken from their native land in AFRICA,where they lived in peace and were brought to these cursed lands, and forced to work for the white man under pain of death.
It's time for the the white man to apologize for this and pay proper reparations,not welfare scraps.
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Redpill me on this guy

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What happened to him?
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Should I stop brushing my teeth? Will the fluoride Jew get me?
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