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/pol/ communism general

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Hello Comrades. This is a safe space for the discussion of Marxism-Leninism, the ideology of revolutionary socialism and communism.

Communism is the next stage of humanity following the capitalist stage.

What exactly is communism according to Marxist-Leninists:

>Communism is a stage of society in which the productive infrastructure is socially owned, and goods are produced not in order to sell for profit, but in order to meet a social need.
>Communism in it's full form is a stateless, classless society that follows the maxim "From each according to their ability, to each according to their need."
>To achieve such a society Marxism-Leninism teaches us that we must replace the capitalist state, which is controlled by the capitalist class, by a socialist state, which is controlled by the working class. Then, a period of class struggle follows in which the capitalist class is liquidated by the working class. When the capitalist class has been completely vanquished, there will be only one class, the working class, and eventually the functions of the state will become indistinguishable from the functions of the society as a whole, and the state as such will 'wither away' as Marx said.

ML uses a philosophy called dialectical materialism, see here:

It is recommended that you read some of the critical works of Marxism-Leninism so you can make an informed assessment of the ideology.

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How to do plan to protect your community against a 2,000,000 strong chink army that's not afraid to die?
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>China's People's Liberation Army (PLA) has already surpassed the U.S. in missile development and its number of warships and air defense systems under the Chinese Communist Party's plan to achieve dominance by 2049, the Defense Department said in a sobering report Tuesday.

LMAO at Yanks calling China a "paper tiger". Sounds like cope to me. Accept it, China is the future.
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Is Trump on meth? Why are his pupils so large? Maybe he is being drugged.
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democracy: rulers only care about next election now. Kind of like "next quarter" thinking of CEOs.

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Emperor Xi doesn't care about reelection. His dynasty before him didn't care about electing a successor, for they knew the Party would chose a suitable one. All they care about is unironically making China great again.
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There is absolutely nothing wrong with killer vaccines as long as children don't take them because unlike adults, their brains lack the developed portion that allows them to fully understand consequences of rational decisions which alter their life. For those adults who choose to take the vaccine: ignorance is not an excuse because all the evidence for these experimental vaccines being deadly are easily accessible and free through the internet. In conclusion, the experimental vaccines are catalysts of Darwinism and normies who take them get what they deserve.
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New Stonetoss

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The true President

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The ursurper in the White House is living on borrowed time
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Kekistan National Solidarity Day

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For too long, we have been oppressed by normies and our identity has been kept down by the normiearchy. We will no longer standby idly while this occurs and we must take to the streets to show our visibility and show the world Kekistan shall stand for ever. On November 9th 2016, let us commemorate the victory of The Emperor and show the world our power. Shadilay!
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