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I'm getting kicked out of the house for being a white nationalist

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I discussed with my parents yesterday about how whites are being systemically replaced via mass third world immigration and explained how it will lead to a lower standard of living and result in extremely anti-white policies like reparations, hate speech laws, expansion of affirmative action, etc. They called me a "fearmonger" and an "extremist." They are Bush-style neocons, but I thought they would be more open-minded than this. My mom said that my grandfather went to war to "fight the Nazis" and, "It looks like we have one in our house." It was pure emotional drivel considering that my grandfather hated blacks, and I didn't even make any comments about Jews. I'm 23 and work as an electrical engineer, so I won't have any trouble moving out. I was already planning to move out for a few months now, but holy fuck. I did not expect such an intense reaction. Why are boomers like this?
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Why do I feel uneasy, when I have to mention my Polish heritage?

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I'm a 21 year old woman, I always wanted to be a famous rock musician and I always felt incredibly uneasy, when I have to mention my own heritage.
It is like a lot of people hate Poland and Poles.
Is it because of Polish behavior? Polish history? Why?
I know I'm entering 4chan, which is a quite dangerous place to be.
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Fuck Poland!

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I regret I was ever born here in this Catholic shithole.
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Babysitter 'killed one-year-old boy with wrestling moves' after becoming angry over a torn pillow

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>Babysitter, 24, 'killed one-year-old boy with wrestling moves' after becoming angry over a torn pillow - but told cops: 'I didn't hurt his head, I only caused the internal injuries'

>Marvin Rex Lake has been charged with capital murder following the death of Ahren Joshua DeHart who suffered multiple injuries, including a fractured skull
>Police say Lake, of El Paso, Texas, said he did not know how the boy was injured
>But he later admitted carrying out the wrestling moves and putting him in a football hold after getting upset that DeHart had ripped a pillow, cops say
>Lake is said to have admitted anger issues, saying he did not know his strength
>The victim and two other children were being watched by Lake on April 13 while their moms worked. The other children also suffered injuries, police say
>Dehart died from his injuries on April 16
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I'm brown, AMA
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Some photos of the Soviet Union in the 1960's and 1970's.

Notice anything?
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Feral niglets allowed to terrorize Whites without multiple times

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>San Leandro police say the suspects approached the victim with a gun, but the victim stopped them when he body-slammed one of the suspects to the ground.
>Police say these two suspects were later involved in another attempted carjacking that got four children, ages 11-14, arrested last week.
>San Leandro police say just 6 hours before this incident, the same young suspects tried to rob a man at a Chase Bank ATM off Fairmont Drive.
>They say the victim scared them off by claiming to be an off-duty officer.
>However, the suspects didn’t stop there.
>Just a couple of days later on April 13th, Oakland police arrested three juveniles who were involved in an attempted robbery using the same white getaway car.
>They were later released to their guardians, only to commit yet another attempted carjacking in San Leandro on Friday.
>In all of these cases, the suspects were connected by multiple surveillance videos and using the exact same getaway car each time.

No jail? No seizing of the car? No seizing of the gun? Just let them go on their merry way to terrorize more White people!
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>Russians are poor
>see on Instagram how even wagecuck Russians travel throughout all Europe, buying tasty food
Meanwhile I can't afford a normal trip with my western salary
We are being lied
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I'm coming across more and more guys with engineering degrees that cant find work.
So what's going on with trump's economy?
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