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Am I forgotten?

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Adrian Bowker Humilitated

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Gay Australian man suspected of homosexual love tryst with underage boy posing as obese woman on discord. Adrian Bowker has reportedly been engaged in a love affair with an autistic youth pretending to be an obese woman. Why are Australian men so small dicked and retarded? Ethan Ralph of TheRalphRetort reports this late breaking story. You cannot abort the retort.
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>This is not the future
>This is the present.
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More migrants have arrived in Russia in the first four months of 2019 than they did in the first four months of any year in the past decade, according to new research.
President Vladimir Putin's migration policy for 2019-2025 includes plans to attract up to 10 MILLION Russian-speaking migrants (subhuman muslim savages from Central Asia) to offset the country's declining population numbers.

Russia is fucked and getting worse, and Russians are ok with that. I'm seriously thinking about moving to Belarus. I don’t wanna live around muslims or anyone but whites.
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why is it bad?
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Art Deco: Red Pill Design

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Is there any design aesthetic more red pill than art deco??

It is literally the perfect blend of traditional flair with modern sleek.

Can we get trump to put an EO that requires everything be done with an art deco AESTHETIC???

also art deco thread
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/NSG/ + /SIG/

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ᛋᛋ Welcome to /nsg/+/sig/: National Socialism General + Self-Improvement General. ᛋᛋ


This is your one-stop-shop for every redpill known to /pol/.

This thread covers the discussion of topics such as:
·NatSoc Ideology
·Active Movements
·NatSoc History
·Physical and Mental Improvements
·General Plans

What are you waiting for? Take the pledge!
> For the good of my people:
> I must IMPROVE my will, body, and mind
> I must BUILD our culture and communities
> I must STRUGGLE for the future of my race
> We will endure forever!

>But what really is National Socialism?
National Socialism is NOT about killing blacks, blowing up buildings, or hating other races as Siege-fags would have you believe but rather is about bettering your own folk.

National Socialism also does NOT d&c based on religion. Be wary of those who try and ostracize potential allies with needless gatekeeping.

Would you like to know more? Check out the Pastebin & learn the truth!

Security first! Follow this guide to stop your ISP from spying on your browser traffic, & to view blocked sites.

These are your allies. They fight for your freedom:
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Never Miss a Thread

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