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1 out of 600 North Dakotans have died of COVID

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if COVID has a 99.8% survival rate and 0.17% of North Dakotans have died of COVID, does this mean that almost every North Dakotan has contracted COVID already?

or does it mean that the COVID survival rate is a lot lower than 99.8%?
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Instead of whining about some insignificant lame trial, I'd like to once again say that I appreciate trans girls as human beings and that trans rights are human rights.
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Copfag here

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Tomorrow I'm handing in my badge and so are 17 of my colleagues.

Good luck.
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To all police officers... Quit your job.

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I saw the entire video of george floyd being arrested. I heard and saw all that happened on multiple angles. This means that even if Police do what they're told to, they're guilty.

Do you want to suffer this too? There were threats of riots from maxine waters. a politician from OUTSIDE the state.

If you're a cop in the city, let whatever happens happens. It's better than facing murder charges for trying to take in a suspect alive by restraining them.
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STRIKE & MIKE Episode 158: Chauvin Verdict Visceral Reacts

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discuss it
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Why the fuck you guys are crying over the trial? Minnesotta deserves it, everyone should face the sword, when you reduce the voter's responsiblity just to the mere effects of what his shitty votes do from the politicians acts, he won't have any big regret to remember.
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Let it burn Y/N?

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Frens, I'm just curious. How many of you think America should try to save itself, and how many of you think it should just burn down? Inb4 glowie