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Why do conservative coders fear making their own websites?
Why is it that only the ones they cast out seem to tun their own place, such as glenn beck or alex jones?
Is success looked down upon as with any nigger culture?
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George Floyd:

>received far less media attention than Harambe
>was talked for a shorter period than Harambe
>people were more upset about Harambe's death than that of George Floyd

This makes me extremely enraged and upset, as a mixed race woman of color. When a literal animal is set higher than the life of people of color. I guess this is what people call "clown World"
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Legal Assistance

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I had a lawyer who was going to represent me in a lawsuit against the police.

In the wake of the first few riots, she said "there's no justice" and refused to represent me.

The lawyer was a black woman, and I'm a white man. I don't know if she is racially discriminating against me.

Anons, I need a lawyer to fight for me against corrupt cops who broke into my house, arrested me under false charges, stole my property, planted evidence, and beat my elderly dad to the point of fracturing his spine and causing his health to decline dramatically.

I'm in NC.
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Brown women are objectively the most beautiful women in the world
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Bros I love her and I can't explain it. I think I'm losing my mind due to semen retention. I don't care that everyone has seen her pussy and she makes cringe alt lite content. I want to wash her stupid fucking eyeliner off with my cool.

Why has this happened?
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Thread full of masked and vaxxed citizens

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Everyone on this thread has got themselves and their zoomer kids vaxxed and masked up and there's nothing wrong with them. Where's all their lung conditions from masking up? This tweet has 40k likes so you can't claim it's a minority
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The younger dryas impact is what wiped out the people that built the megalithic shit like the Great pyramids, stone of the pregnant woman, puma punku etc...

>When this shit is finally confirmed and accepted as mainstream how would this change our look on the world and history?

Historically it changes nearly everything, particularly the effects from the neon lights and dancing shapes seen in the sky by most of the world and how that impacted religion. Probably influenced the building of all intial strange lines and pyramids and temples as an attempt to communicate with what humans thought were communicating with them.
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Wtf is going on in Canada. BC provincial government just announced military checkpoints to cross health regions. This is communist level control.

Going exactly like that leaked document from anon back in Oct.


Is this the beginning of the end?
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Daily reminder.
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/WUG/ Weatherman Underground General

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The Weather Underground's goal was always to ignite a race war that would usher in communism in the United States. They failed to achieve their goal in the 60's, but their leaders went on to hold extremely influential positions in academia, media, and NGOs. Barack Obama was heavily connected to the weather underground through Bill Ayers, and the WU used Obama's presidency as an opportunity to install all of their own people in various government agencies. Now the weathermen control our government, media, and schools, they're sticking to their plan of sowing racial discord so they can trigger a communist revolution. The weathermen are the ones who have been calling the shots, and they're responsible for all of the insanity in recent years.

Susan Rosenberg, who is a BLM fundraising executive, was a very prominent weatherman. If we trace out the network of their members, we can uncover the plot. Here is a starting point:

Please bump and help disseminate this information before it's too late. The thread keeps getting slid off /pol/.
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