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Trump shills are back

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>The word deep state is used despite not being used since nearly the beginning of 2021
>Q anon coming for the defense of mankind only during Trump campaigns in 3, 2, 1...
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They arent aliens, they're Atlanteans
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I'm Jewish by blood

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But I am a brother in Christ. Not all Jews are Talmudic and lost.

If you're Jewish, get inspired:

Jewish doesn't mean you can't believe in Jesus. Read the Bible and learn for yourself, don't let the Rabbis or social pressure stop you. Get inspired!
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A truly historical president (for all the wrong reasons)

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Is there hope for Canadian youth?

>Students tearing through pride posters and DANCING on pride flags during York Region Pride flag walkout protest
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We need justice in this country. Equality isn't enough to reverse the centuries of segregation that the POC habe went through.
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Truth researcher Matthew North thread

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Matthew North is most famous for completely dismantling the sham of a show that is the Joe Rogan podcast. He uncovered all the links that JRE has to shady organizations and how the show is basically scripted to push a certain narrative. He showed us the connections between Al Crowley and Satanism with Rogan and Alex Jones and he also exposed a lot about the evils of Zionism (wars, white genocide). He was one of the best researchers I’d ever seen and he left us too soon. He was a prodigy at only 23. RIP Matthew Kiewel (his real name).

For those who don’t know, he was found in his car with a bullet to the temple a couple years ago. The autopsy report was found by a guy on Bitchute (An All-American Cartel LLC - (Skip to 5:00). I’ve since confirmed that the autopsy is of the Matthew North, however we still don’t if there was foul play.

North’s YouTube channel has been stripped of most of the content. Bits and pieces remain on Bitchute, Rumble, Odysee etc., but the full portfolio is likely lost to the Jews. If anybody can track down his rare content, please post the links.

Matthew North on Bitchute:

YouTube (wiped, very bare):

This playlist has more of his videos:

His best-known video:

For Trump supporters:
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Why doest China just load a boat with 10 million Chinese women of childbearing age and take over Canada through assimilation? What are we going to do? Shoot down a boat carrying that many civilians
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>German Institute for human rights (lol) officially attests the AfD is not constitutional and right-wing extremist
>this means the AfD can be declared illegal at any point
>in West Germany the AfD has over 10% of the vote, in Middle Germany almost 30%
>if the AfD gets declared illegal, many members will radicalize
>many will join protests, some will turn away from politics, but even if it‘s just 1% (60,000 people) who radicalize, the German Government has to deal with 60,000 people constantly committing sabotage
>for the first time in western history disregarding Ireland, a radical non-left-wing group will have a lot of sympathy in the population for their acts of sabotage against the government
>for the first time in history right-wing leaders will not disavow radicals, but instead be sympathetic
It‘s going to be wild, bois
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Sweden is wrong. Just look at Canada
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