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I am addicted to Mcdonalds. It is only 7:15am and i’m already eating burger. How did our politicians get us in such bad shape in the USA we crave and desire this goyslop daily? I literally have withdrawals without my daily dose of Mcd’s.
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What did they all die for?
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I h8 whito*ds

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I don't care what you fags say sometimes white people deserve to get shit on.
>white trash:
Chuds have this weird noble savage lionization of them going on when many are extremely dysfunctional
and shitty human beings
>but muh crime statistics!
You've never lived or been related to them or you are one and coping.

>high IQ atomized NPD/ASPD yuppie sociopaths.

These people should be gulaged and contribute nothing to society without being bribed. They just kind of exist and aren't that different from the jews they hate. The typical Jared Taylor/William Pierce/National Review fanboy falls into this
category. They benefit from the american system but fight against it. Nazi desk monkeys who only get away with their bullshit because commies are a louder more visible threat to the republic. Despite this sphere coining the term bugman "insect like" is the best way to describe them

>coastie hipsters/white liberals
self evident. I don't need to say anything more

>flyover midwit goycattle

Also self evident as the covid hysteria showed. Some have nominally conservative beliefs but in practice are just instinct
driven degenerates who are incapable of self awareness

Pic Unrelated. Ned Kelly was a proud black man and the embodiment of everything modern day whites are not
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Putin literally killed this nigga for smacking around a few gay pedophiles....
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Swedes will be minorities in their own country in just 40 years from now

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>Sweden has grown from 9 million people in 2010, to 10.5 million people in 2020. Almost all of the increase is because of immigrants
>The native Swedish population decreased with 16,000 between 2021 and 2022. At the same time, the number of immigrants increased with around 80,000.
>Swedish women are getting fewer and fewer kids each year
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>emilia-romagna gets hit by rain and flooded
>literally everyone cleaning up the streets
>everything is brand new in 2 weeks
>barely got any money and donations because people there do not accept donations, they work with their hands and legs,helping is in their culture, deeply
>terronia gets hit by rain and flooded
>everything is a disaster just like day 1 after 2 months
>literally no one cleaning
>literally everyone asking for the north to send help
>other regions from the north get hit and flooded
>takes months to clean and millions of euros
>no one doing nothing

Is Emilia-Romagna the most soulful place in Italy?
they even had an illegal rave party in an abandoned warehouse and after shitting it up all night they all cleaned it sparkling new when the party was over, even the junkies and nigs are good people there, plus they invented fascism, it should be a nation, not just a region
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Average young Russian girl can speak fluent English.

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Watch the video, her vocabulary and cognitive ability absolutely BTFO girls at the same age in the West:
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The RV jewess trick

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Is it me or all the Youtube hoes who promote "vanlife" are jewesses with rich parents
They also flash their ass to get more views

Is it a trick to make goys accept they won't ever own a house?

Picrel Nikki (((Delventhal)))
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I think I inspired this stone toss…

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I made a meme a few months back
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Influential families from France, big in film

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My radar is getting better and better. So it started off by seeing a picture of Léa Seydoux. Since almost every actor has something shady going on, I looked her up and oh boy, I guess we have found another rabbit hole here.

L. Seydoux is a 38 year old actress from France and the daughter of Henris Seydoux and his cousin (!), Valérie Schlumberger. This was the first hint I took, because marying and reproducing this closely blood related screams nobility. Henris Seydoux is co-founder and president of the French "Parrot SA" company that produces drones and specialises in wireless communiciation. They also prouduce drones for the US Army and police.( Although Henris is a billionaire and his company is listet in a version of the French Dow Jones, there is no English Wikipedia entry or easily available information on this man that is not in French.
Her granduncle is Nicolas Seydoux who is director of "Gaumont". Her grandfather was Jérome Seydoux, who was president of "Pathé". Both are well known, rich cinematic institutions.

Jérome Seydoux, Léas grandfather, is the son of René Seydoux Fornier des Clausonne, nobility that origins from Switzerland, and his mother, funnily enough, Geneviève Schlumberger.

Valérie Schlumberger, the mother of Léa origins from the Schlumberger family in Alsace. The Schlumberger Limited company "is both the world's largest offshore drilling company and the world's largest offshore drilling contractor by revenue." They have their headquarters in Curacao, a small carribean island, which brings me back to Léa Seydoux, who said that she was molested by Harvey Weinstein.

"But Anon, take your meds, these are simply influential people." In summary, we have two dynasties, one of them nobility, connected with each other that are big in film, military drones and oil. Please Anons help me connect the dots here.
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