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American States tier list

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> Show me a physical evidence for God.
> Oh, you can't, therefore God is not real!

Do you realize that the only way God can prove that He is who He is is doing something impossible that you can't replicate, right? If you can do it too, or if it can be done with a materialistic process is not God.

That's why Jesus turned water into wine and insisted on you BELIEVING.
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How did Poland go from one of /pol/s favorite countries, to being near universally reviled and mocked on the board?
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Kek this tweet has generated some of the most satisfying PTSD holohoax flashbacks to read in the replies
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Are cults of personality a necessity?
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Are pet vaccines a Jewish trick?

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So, we all know that the (((vaccines))) given to people can be very dangerous and detrimental to our health. Question is, does the same apply to our pets? Are they making them get sick so Dr. Noseberg DVM and Mr. Shekelberg pet drug company CEO can make more profits? What are your thoughts?
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/pol/ humor

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lets laugh bros
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Everything is fake, every fucking profession. Where is what's real?
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I cycled passed the Russian Embassy in Dublin today. It's outside the city in a wealthy suburban area. A while back when the Ukraine invasion started, a bunch of retards tried to storm the embassy. They spray painted the walls and one gobshite even drove his truck into their front gate. The truck was owned by a church supplies business. Holy wine and communion wafers and shite. No word a lie.
Anyway, because of that, they now have steel barriers all along the street-facing perimeter and a 24hr Police presence [picrel]. The steel barriers take up the entire sidewalk/path so you can't walk along anymore, you have to cross the road...
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Florida is based psyops

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Anybody noticing the past few years the attitude of Florida has flipped from being a retarded shithole to a based destination?

Here’s the facts on Florida, it’s filled with niggers and spics. Every major city is a shithole except for Cape Coral which is the least black. But overall all of Florida is a violent garbage dump with low wage jobs and the only decent places are the gated communities and gated small towns which 99% of people can’t make it in. I think that California and New York
Jews hyped Florida being great because they want to domicile from their former states that will now tax them heavily. Because of that they need to bring in their cheap goy slaves lie to them about Florida not being shit so they can bear to live with niggers and spics. Thoughts?
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