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Is rural living based or cringe?

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Is pic related true?
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What the fuck happened to this city. I come back after ten years and theres schizos and homeless junkies everywhere, tents on the highways and needles on the streets
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Buyer of 4chan revealed to be major advertiser

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It's fucking F Gardner. If you don't know who this guy is he's the guy who heavily advertised his book series on here for years nonstop.

Most interesting find from one of the threads I've seen. He unironically thinks the earth is flat according to this interview here.



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/lat/pol/ We must fight against the degenerate Gringo

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We must unite, as per Simón Bolívar's will.
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Have I got this right?
>Trump declassifies Crossfire Hurricane (spying on him) on last day in office, then sends it to the DoJ. [picrelated]
>He takes the declassified docs with him.
>Biden admin re-classifies them
>[Q said, "Trust Wray"]
>Cut To: Now
>Head of FBI, Chris Wray orders Feds to raid MaroLargo
>Trump watches raid live on CCTV [he knew they were coming]
>Feds seize documents
>Were they the Crossfire Hurricane documents?
>Trump breaks news of the raid
>Within hours, Trump releases slick campaign video
>Trump demands full transparency
>Trump demands release of documents
>Those documents are now entered in evidence
>Turns out the raid-Feds were under investigation by Durham
Okay, can some autist or Qtard tell me what is happening? It's obvious this is a win for Trump, but I don't understand the details. What is going on? Was Q right, that this is how evidence will be made public?
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Kiely Rodni

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Once again America has missing blonde girl syndrome. There are thousands of missing wetback and nigger children, and nobody bats an eye. Some spoiled cute bitch gets drunk and gets lost in the woods and everyone loses their minds. Where she be pol? Hopefully not some psycho incel boyfriend who strangled her like Petito, then feminists and CNN will announce men are vile misogynists that need to be punished and re-educated
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91st Cyber Brigade shills on 4chan

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Does Tucker Carlson or anyone else have a tip line that I can send this to?

The 91st Cyber Brigade, a national guard unit stationed in Bowling Green, Virginia, has been recently assigned to posting pro-Biden political propaganda on 4chan (especially /pol/ and /k/). They're organized as a national guard unit, instead of a more tyoical DoD or army unit, so that they can face fewer legal obstacles when they do their main job of targeting the American public on American soil. This is an extreme violation of the Hatch Act, and could land a lot of people in prison, including Biden.

How do we get this information to the boomer news networks?
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