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Alan Dershowitz defends Trump against the Biden regime!

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Ourguy Dersch bringing the heat!

>Alan Dershowitz: “Do you know how serious that is? When you have one (Biden) administration criminalizing the actions of the person (Trump) who threatens to un-do the administration…”
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Senator Warns People to 'Lock Your Doors' After Classified Hearing on UFOs!!

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REMINDER a few months ago Senator Kennedy was taken to a NORAD briefing on UFOs and did a q&a with the media afterwards, he told Americans to 'lock your doors'.
Factor that in with the recent disclosure!

Four objects have been shot down over North American airspace since February 4. The first was identified by the Pentagon as a Chinese surveillance balloon, but the U.S. Defense Department has not confirmed the nature of the remaining three objects. Intelligence officials are "considering as a leading explanation that these could be tied to commercial or research entities and benign," the White House said on Tuesday.

Senators received a classified briefing on Tuesday. It was delivered by officials from the Defense Department, NORAD (North American Aerospace Defense Command), and the United States Northern Command, as well as the Office for the Director of National Intelligence.
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>for the first time in history people learn where to hit the jew that hurts the most: money
>boycotting brands like budlight and target
>kikes are seething hard
>all of a sudden new york fires and aliens

Don't stop. Boycott ALL brands. ALL of them belong to kikes. Destroy the maggots NOW!
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The Western Communist movement has been hijacked by gays and trannies

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I know none of you guys will care for a communist perspective, but I've got to post this somewhere. Say anything you want to me, I don't care.

I am an anti-gay, anti-trans Marxist-Leninist. I started by reading some anti trans feminist perspectives and had to admit they made sense. The idea that trans women were real women and should be considered as such felt comical. As time went on though, and my anti trans stance became more and more solidified, I started having second thoughts about the homosexual movement. GCs always say that transgenderism "hijacked" the homosexual movement but is this actually true? The overwhelming majority of gay rights organizations and gay rights activists let transgenderism in with open arms and continue to push for it today. That's not what hijacking is. Also, I realized that homosexuality is based mainly on a subjective identity that can not be seen rather than physical characteristics, just like transgenderism. Saying homophobia is an oppression like racism, sexism, or classism is absurd. And like, should gays be allowed to adopt? Why should children be denied a strong male role model and female role model, which makes them turn out the best. Then I learned about NAMBLA, and the fact that male gay sex is extremely unhealthy and disease ridden, and the fact that gay men are disproportionally more likely to be pedophiles. Monkeypox and AIDS were caused mainly by gay men having orgies without protection. They knew what caused AIDS and yet still participated in these actions. The insane rise in children identifying as trans is paired with children identifying as gay, which should show how useless a "gay identity" is, but GCs only talk about this in relation to trans identity. How strange.
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Should Elliot Page detransition?
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/pol/ thoughts on POTUS’ son no longer going to ask his niece for sex?

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Some juicy stuff in here. Including addresses for Uber pickups that Hunter screenshot. Google street view clearly looks like a safe house.

Happy hunting!
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The first sign of testosterone deficiency for me is when I see a middle aged man who is VERY pale while we are working out at the gym. Testosterone stimulates melanin in our skin and gives us our skin tone. Think about all those actors you see in movies or on TV, as they age who have lost all color in their hair skin, eyebrows—everywhere.

That seriously explains a lot why nordics and east asians are feminine and why blacks are agressive.
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aus/pol: alien rapists

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Monarchy is objectively evil.
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Lesbians keep to themselves and don't harm anyone. They are honorary straights.
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