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Using light to control people

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Let's talk about using lights and music in psyops.

It is well-known that MKUltra taught the importance of neon and bright colors. The gay flag is a product of MKUltra psychadelic experiments.

Every TikToker's room has bright unnatural lights. Walk down a street and every building will have rooms with bright neon or bright pink lights. That's how you know.

But what is their significance? Anybody that has done a hardcore psychadelic knows these colors. They aren't colors you see in the natural world. People are constantly looking at unnatural stuff, losing sense of reality and needing "guidance and advice" through the confusion of your brain knowing you are looking at something that doesn't technically exist.

Bonus: binaural audio used in music and movies to cause subconscious reactions.
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Redpill me on citites

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>Often full of niggers
>You can't have privacy outside
>Expensive housing
>Encourages a bugman mentality
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Brit/pol/ Big Jet TV edition

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Best of /pol/

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Webms, screencaps, infographics, post anything from when 4chins was good
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Any info on this?

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Any of you big shots have any info on this wird shapeshifting shit that appear an year ago?
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>Sits up like The Undertaker in your path
>Heh, nothing personal kid
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Predictions End of 2022

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>Corona "Pandemic" will be back, numbers 100x higher as before
>vaxxies are actually going to be sick and dying en masse, as they take their boosters
>government will freak out, once again lockdowns, this time nothing works because lack of workers will be massive
>vaccination now absolutely mandatory
>Ukraine will be forgotten and set on pending mode, to extend their suffering and that of europeans hit by sanctions
I'm a healthcare worker and know the situation has been critical in hospitals in the last months when it comes to workforce. It will definitely be chaotic when winter comes, that's barely a prediction, it's obvious where it is going.
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NJP Owns Libtard Epic Style

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>This will mark the second time that the NJP and their supporters have marched to spread awareness in the Liming case, furiously demanding that hate crime charges be issued to Deshawn Stafford, Tyler Stafford, and Donovan Jones, the three violent blacks accused of the murder. While hate crime charges were never issued by authorities, the anti-White system took one step further by downgrading their murder charges to involuntary manslaughter and misdemeanor assault. Their bonds were lowered soon after, and now all three killers walk free despite their violent, racially motivated crimes.
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2022...we are forgotten..
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