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Post actual proof that America is in decline. Hard mode: don't just say there's more gays and browns
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Do you have a healthcare system that takes cares of the ill efficiently in your country ? This is my uncle Phil, ever since he got long covid the healthcare system failed to provide him with a healthy environment to recover, so he started going hiking in the woods to get better, occasionally he'll sent me some pics and ask me to join. But I'm afraid he's gonna give me covid so I stay away.
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"I caught the swamp. I caught them all."

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What did Trump actually mean by this? /pol/ went nuts back in 2019 when this clip came out:

But after that, nothing seemed to happen. In hindsight, what was this actually all about?
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Trump is the one who tried to weaponize the DOJ to lock up his political opponents. Not the democrats.

Now I'm a communist, so trust me I care very little about your retarded war with democrats. You on the far right are no different than the GOP or the democrats to me. But it does seem quite plain to me that Trump and the GOP are the ones that started the trend of weaponization of the DOJ to lock up political opposition.

First of all it was him trying to have Obama locked up "for being Kenyan". IDK if any of you remember that, but Trump first became big in politics for leading the charge saying "Obama was born in Kenya" and wanted to have him locked up for that.

Then he campaigned on "Lock Her Up" for Hilary Clinton. Literally campaigned on imprisoning her in a federal prison for a charge that is almost carbon-copy similar to what he's presently being charged for.

During his administration he also attempted similar tactics against Bidens.

Now I know you all have this retarded boomer narrative that "Trump is being oppressed by the deep state because he supports people's interests!" but it's not true. It's not a conspiracy, in fact. It's simply a matter of him trying to weaponize the DOJ and the democrats fighting back in the EXACT same way he did against them.

Now that said, please remember, I could give a fuck less about your retarded boomer wars between republicans and democrats, ESPECIALLY not between the supposed "moderate democrats". All of you, and everything in America, is a hive of far right sociopathy.
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Here’s the new cast for how to train a dragon, don’t mind that we replaced the aryan girl with a nigger mutt goys
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Afghan opium production has fallen 99% since America left.

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brit/pol/ - fast & furious 6 edish

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>Weekend hot weather alert escalated to amber

>Teen on e-bike dies after being followed by police in Salford

>Jacob Crouch: Mother and stepfather accused of murdering baby

>Lucy Letby: Babies died within 72 hours of nurse's text, jury told

>Woman in 30s dies in Elveden Center Parcs medical incident
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>Girl you like is dating a Tyrone?
Fuck it, join the Russian Foreign Legion

>Want to horrify all the woke women in your family and all the office fatties at your job?
Join the Russian Foreign Legion

>Want to shove it up the ass of every Redditor who called you a chud?
Join the Russian Foreign Legion
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