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To straight male /pol/ anons who look like this, if you were offered $500 to have your anus fucked by a trap for 30 minutes and then she cums into your mouth, would you do it?
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Why did white men give women voting rights?

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If I join the police will I be working for the JOOOOOOOOOZ, or will I just be mogging shitskins and nigs?

pic related if ya catch my drift (it’s not)
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They think they worship angels

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But they worship something else
And soon enough, they'll make you worship them too
Courtesy of Israel
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Why does every ethnic group in Europe needs it's own micronation?

Like what is the actual difference between these 3 shitholes?
It's not like they even govern themselves differently, they all do whatever the EU or America wants them to do
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Greta Thunberg

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Greta weighs in on the war in ukraine
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What would Jesus think of National Socialism

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I was doing my reseaerch on the politicial system of ancient Israel it would be exactly similar to what Hitler proposed.
See my example.

>No Interracial relationships. God forbid Israelist from marrying foreigners.
>You Must Not put a Donkey and Bull together. You think he was talking about animals?
>Forbide Israelits from selling the land of their ancestors.
>Slaves must be released at the seventh year. That would have solved American Negroe problem if they had return their slaves back to their homeland
> Foreign Residents would never become Israelites. Never
>Worship was the center and the heart of Israel. Equal so National Socialism

National Socialism was not only a religious movement. It was also a Spiritual One.

Hitler did nothing wrong.
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There's no evidence Jesus existed

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earliest historians alleging he existed came well after Jesus's time. The gospels aren't reliable accounts of Jesus's life, no secular text to back them up as well. Jesus was also a bit of an asshole "the poor will be with you always, I am here for a short while." What a cunt!
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Islam Worldwide

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Even Koreans are becoming muslim now... It's over.
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