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Why is /pol/ less racist nowadays? The catalog alone has changed a lot if you look back 5-6 years.
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>janny-sama actually being responsive about moving off topic bullshit
I kneel...
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Can anyone give me the qrd on why /pol/ hates Snopes?
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Anne Heche: I believe she was a MK Ultra subject

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Read this:
Abuse at home, mother was in on it. She fits the MK Ultra test subject to a T, had a series of frakouts a la Britney Spears, and I assume when she finally freed herself from the shackles of the CIA mind control program, she was effectively taken out.
Those of you who here aren't cock gobbling kikes pushing X agenda, discuss.
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Hard to believe he's an Indian...
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On this day, 501 years ago, Conquistador Hernan Cortes captured Tenochtitlan (now Mexico City), ending the rule of the evil Aztec Empire
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Newest /pol/ eceleb

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I thought this Tate guy was a grifter but I saw some of his streams and he pretty much delivers a redpill in every line he opens his mouth. His controversial talking points are solid and therefore severely unwelcomed by the mainstream, however he developed a way to use the algorithm in his favor and now just keeps agressively expanding through it, winning where other self-contained ecelebs like alex jones/nick fuentes failed to reach.
What are the political implications easily hijacking the midiatic algorithms of the digital era?